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    BritBike Newsletter #44
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    March 2006

    Dear Morgan,

    Here is a new issue, I would like to thank Barb and Bill for sending in feedback and input this time. Next time it could be You who share something with the rest of us BritBikers. I'll always keep my "next issue" folder open for your contributions.

    Important Message from BSAOC UK,
    Brian Pollit says there are room for a few more bikes in the container from UK to BSAOC International Rally August 12 thru August 19, 2006 Massachusetts, USA read more here! Help us spread the word!

    Please notice that in the bottom of each newsletter it shows adverts for British Motorcycle CD-manuals. The manuals, our sponsors (see left column) and some private contributions such as the calendar work described below finance
    If you are in need of information regarding your bike use the links below and maybe you also end up buying a sample. This newsletter is a good example of what the money is spent on... :o)

    Ride Safe
    Morgan Johansson
    [email protected]

    BritBike 2007 Calendar!
    Barb Yaple says: Now it's time to send Your contributions for 2007 BritBike Calendar!

    Dear Members and Advertisers,

    What's the key to keeping successful? Participation! From all over the world, we are gathering photos of the most interesting British bikes to feature in the 2007 Calendar. All proceeds above production costs are donated directly to the site, to help in keeping our favorite site such a wonderful place to visit!
    Have you a special bike? A rare treasure or a trusted daily rider that you love? Are you in the business of keeping our Brit bikes alive and on the road, and do you have shots of a bike you particularly like?
    If you are a rider/enthusiast or a supplier/restorer, we would love to see your bikes. Please send any contributions as high resolution jpegs to Barb Yaple email address and we'll put together a product that the site can be proud of.
    If you have paper photos send me an email and ask for my snailmail address. A very special 'Thank You' to all of the owners who have contributed to the calendar over the past years. You guys make the site the wonderful place that it is!
    Barb Yaple

    Click here to go to BritBike's Calendar Page

    Feedback from our readers!
    Too many britbikes are pampered and not used right

    From: Bill Anderson Riverside, CA USA
    Hi Morgan,
    Too many britbikes are pampered and not used right.
    Heres a photo of how they should be used. Photo taken at El Mirage, Sept. 05. Running in the gas class A/PG his top speed that day was 123.075 mph. The Norton is a 1960 wideline with an early Weslake speedway engine. Exact year unknown, but a good guess would be sometime in the mid 70s. I've owned it since 1967 and the Weslake is the fifth engine to fill the hole.
    Keep up the good work.

    Ordering CD-Manuals
    For multiple CD orders!

    If you wish to order more than one of the below CD-Manuals please go to the CD-Shop webpage: Click here!

    BSA CD-Manual
    BSA CD--Manual
    4th Edition The BSA Double-CD

    Covers some 1930’s models, the wartime SV, and almost all models from 1945 to 1973.
    HUGE Service Sheet section! This is the “must have” collection for anyone who owns, maintains, restores, or just loves BSA motorcycles.
    Our Price includes shipping: $65 USD

    Buy Now! | Read about AJS BSA Matchless Norton & Triumph CD-MANUALS HERE

    Triumph CD manual
    Triumph CD--Manual
    Triumph Fourth edition The Triumph Double- CD
    The Triumph Collection covers almost every Triumph model from 1935 to 1985, with Spare Parts Lists, Workshop Manuals, Service Sheets, or technical articles. The fourth edition has now grown so large it is a double-CD, over 1GB of material in all.
    Our Price includes shipping: $65 USD

    Buy Now | Read about AJS BSA Matchless Norton & Triumph CD-MANUALS HERE

    AJS CD Manual
    AJS Matchless CD--Manual
    The AJS & Matchless CD

    This CD covers AJS and/or Matchless machines from 1926 almost without any breaks right through to 1967 for Parts Lists, plus fifteen workshop manuals or out-of- print service and maintenance textbooks covering much the same period. Both twins and singles are covered, and one of the workshop manuals is a Norton Matchless full-on Workshop Manual that covers ALL models (up to 650cc twins) from 1957 to 1966. The Norton-engined models are well-covered too in other works, and there are lots of lovely reproductions of sales brochures from various periods as well as some excellent histories of the Matchless marque and engine number details. This is a very complete compilation and a MUST for the AJS/Matchless enthusiast. This is a single-CD set

    Our Price includes shipping: $59 USD

    Buy Now | Read about AJS BSA Matchless Norton & Triumph CD-MANUALS HERE

    Norton CD Manual
    Norton CD--Manual
    Norton Fourth edition CD-Manual

    The Norton CD is now into its FOURTH EDITION, and covers not just the Commando, but all the so- called "heavy-weight" twins (as opposed to the under-400cc twins) and the "classic" singles - the ES2, the International, and of course the Manx. AND, we even have a post- Commando bike covered, with the inclusion of the workshop manual for the rotary-engine Interpol 2. There is a rebuild manual which also covers the LIGHTWEIGHT TWINS, and the Commando section has been added to with another Parts List, Stage 2 Tuning Notes for the 850, and other minor service-related matters. There is of course a complete set of factory- issued Service Sheets for the Commando (over 170 pages worth!). AND we have added a new Maintenance Manual for the 16H, Big 4, 18, & ES2 singles, and more "memorabilia". There is also a NEW Engine Data Base which covers from the 1946 Model 18 to the 1963 Atlas. This is a single-CD set.

    Our Price includes shippng: $59 USD

    Buy Now | Read about AJS BSA Matchless Norton & Triumph CD-MANUALS HERE
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