As folks have pointed out it is really pretty simple to swap out a 8" conical and low fender with a 6" conical and high fender. Especially if the rest of the TR5T is in very good condition. The 6" conical hubs are easy to find (I have a bunch of them). Lace on a 21" front rim, get a high fender mount bracket, and put on a high fender. I have some chrome high fenders with the side indents made for the TR5T by Autocycle in the UK. Most folks have no idea of what was original on their bikes if they were not the person who rolled it off the dealers floor. And as Kurt points out what rolled off the dealers floor may not have been what came in the back in a crate. If you want an excellent condition bike that is nut and bolt original in every way then you pay for it, but it sounds like you just want a nice condition TR5T that looks like you want it to look.


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