Hi Tom,

Various threads on this subject have aired on both the Triumph and BSA Boards in the last few months; while all the definitive answers haven't emerged, this much has:-

. '68, '69 and '70 BSA twin forks incorporate some of the contemporary Triumph bits, but some are peculiar to the Beezas. The BSA top yoke is the same pre-'68 one, and the Triumph tls brakes from each year are used complete, including the shorter axle in '68; most differences are in the sliders, which are not only unique to the Beeza twins but different in each of the three seasons. cry

. In '69 and '70, the Beeza twins used the same stanchions as the B25 singles, which are the same as the Triumph T25 singles. They aren't the same as the stanchions used on the Triumph twins or Trident and Rocket 3 triples. However, because all '69 and '70 stanchions and sliders are different lengths, the stanchions used on BSA twins are also unique to each year. cry