My problem exactly.

You've got missed-matched parts there. Fortunately for me, I found a NOS right slider, and a used left that was a perfect match.

Things to look for... the threads that meet the seal holders should be the same on both legs (of equal length). The sliders themselves should be the same length - making all aspects equal on both sliders. (if lengths differ, the front wheel will fit cock-eyed on the axle) The dimples are only a cosmetic alignment indicator and not an issue. Some tubes had them, some didn't. The axle caps don't have to be the same width but are perhaps better to have the fat ones.

There seems to be quite a variety of fork sliders out there for the same year/s. I'm not sure why. It doesn't make sense. One thing to watch out for - be sure that the knobs that holds the front fender in place are located in exactly the same spot. Machining the fork 1/8" shorter may produce other issues.(eg. compromised thread depth in the bottom of the slider, and a difference in placement for the front fender)

The front fork assembly in both manuals are the same for 69/70 as far as I can tell.

Good luck with this konkrete. It can be maddening!

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