i have carbon plug fouling - the fouling is flat black, not slick to the touch - its chalky/dry

both plugs are fouling*
(i thought i had turned the corner but after adjust the timing i went back to foul city)

ok here is the current setup:

needle (NEW) 2c3

needle clips (NEW) set in the upper most notch (lean)

needle jet (NEW) 105

main jet (NEW) 210

pilot jet 25

enrichers (NEW) seat properly - did the push test - no change

slides (NEW) 3.5

float/needle - functioning correctly - level is correct

throttle cables (NEW) - set with proper amount of play etc

plugs (NEW) NGK B6ES (gap .025) getting good visible spark

coil (NEW) Harley 3ohm (when i purchased the bike it had an accel super coil - Harley - i have no idea if was functioning properly put since i was in process of eliminating possible issues i decided to replace it - it was not new)

plug wires (NEW) metallic

battery- load tested etc - passed, charging/holding charge - its not new but according to the tests is functional

charging system - checked - charging - correct voltage

ignition - stock electronic - not Boyer

if i have forgotten anything please read my other threads

after i installed the new carb parts - i had the local expert over for a house call - he set up the carb screws, sync'd the carbs, checked the valves etc

the right carb functioned perfectly ie the pilot air screw was almost set dead to spec and the plug read perfect

but the left side was another story there was a leak at the bowl gasket (issue has been resolved) and plug fouling - CARBON FOULING

the fouling was almost immediate - from idle thru out the range it would foul and be useless within 5 minutes of ride time

so before i switched the carbs from left to right i decided that i would check the timing

and the timing was off!!!!!!

i adjusted it at 3,600 RPM - set and secured

installed fresh plugs - started first kick and took it for a test ride around the block

from idle to quarter throttle all systems go

anything above approx quarter throttle to full was a NIGHTMARE

the bike ran rough and sporadic, detonation deteriorated, bogged, blat, burp, backed off the throttle and all systems returned to normal...back on the throttle = nightmare

brought the turd home, pulled the plugs and they were both carbon fouled!!

did i just take a step backwards...is this bike cursed..am i cursed??? i know i am broke!!

should i have just bought new JRC carbs!


mr. tooth