At last I have found my dream bike, a BSA spitfire 1966 MkII. The engine is a 1967
one, but I also have the original engine
in parts (engine number A65S 11376 = frame number).
I need some help from you who already have
this model. I want to renovate the original
engine completely, new needle bearings, oil
pump e.t.c. Can someone tell me who can do
that? I want to have a perfect job done.
I live i Sweden, so it should be someone in Scandinavia or UK.
I also need a new glass fibre fuel tank, the
big European model. I have heard that the quality may vary a lot. Can you give me some good advice re. UK dealers?
Does anyone know how many 1966 Spitfires that
was produced?
Thanks in advance BSA friends, send me a mail,
the spring is soon here....