Thanks guys for all the clarification and input, much appreciated.

I think I'll go with a Saftek reline (unconvinced of benefits of the drum skim I had done although that would depend on drum condition in each case), maybe one soft for Trophy with less weight, and one harder for the R3 and possibly swap wheels to experiment!

I have seen discussion on the merits of alloy for the shoes, but as Dave surmised, not seeing lever come back to bars, just loss of friction? Probably just inappropriate/crap brake material?

Will definitely go with the B50 springs, quite excited by these. Also might mod a clutch cable, now I think about it I had heard of guys who used sportster clutch cables for drum brakes?

Less convinced by the theory regarding impact of extended levers on self servo action, but if I get time (or get scared enough, that triple is FAST by old brit standards!) I might put the theory to the test with GPS recorded control speeds and measured stopping distances?

I'm realistic, I'm not expecting repeated high powered brake capability without fade, I DO want at least one good stop from 80 ish!

Thanks again everyone.


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