Greetings all!
Has anyone figured out how many different camshaft grinds were actually produced for the standard RE/Indian offerings? How do they equate with the part numbers for standard production bikes? So far I've seen IN, EX stampings, EX-2 and IN-R and EX-R markings. Not trying to re-open a previous thread, but I am trying to pay a bit more attention when building my current engine project based on YC series cases... Also there is the question as to the correct cam sprockets to be used. That can be clarified by the chart on page 11 of the Interceptor 63 repair manual. However, I have been unable to match the Factory stampings with the actual RE part number so far. More than likely, I'll be using magneto ignition requiring a duplex sprocket. (although that might change once I get the bottom end built up to specs.) Any experience/ suggestions/ opinions to share?



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