Another FIRST from M.A.P. Cycle.

Over the years M.A.P. Cycle has been the First to create and offer many unique products for our Beloved British Bikes (First in racing too). Now we would like to be, what we believe is another First!

M.A.P. Cycle wants to be the First company so totally dedicated to the continuation of our Vintage British motorcycles and to their riders that we are crazy enough to offer Any-Thing like this.   The phrase: “we eat, sleep, ride, talk, breath, dream, live and love British motorcycles” has never rung so true.

We are so confident in the value and the need for a better, more reliable, lifelong part that we are offering a "Buy-Back" program for the return of ANY manufacturer's billet alloy connecting rods toward the purchase of any of the M.A.P. Cycle series of 4340 forged connecting rod sets. 

A $250 credit will be issued for ANY manufacturers billet alloy connecting rod matched set received in unused condition. 
A $150 credit will be issued for a matched rod set in ANY Condition.  That's right, used or broken billet rods doesn't matter (did I say we are we crazy or what?). 
A $50 credit will be issued for a matched set of OEM (stock) rods. That’s right – even a set of stock rods. Save the eBay fees and hassle!

Credit will only be applied toward the purchase of any set of our M.A.P. Cycle 4340 Forged steel connecting rod sets for the same make and model as what was received. 

M.A.P. Cycle retains the right to withdraw this offer at any time without penalties of any sort

Happy Riding