DOGMA 2 is PINARELLO 2012 years the most popular topic.

Compared with DOGMA 60.1, DOGMA in trample process 6% increase in stamp on efficiency. In the design at the same time into the innovation of the fluid mechanics (CFD) testing technology, the tube asymmetric design, in view of the electronic speed control system corresponding frame design concept, reduce the battery holder in long distance under the noise, and the PINARELLO r&d center in the development of walk line model and so on, is this year the latest breakthrough.

DOGMA 2 basically made technology and DOGMA 60.1 the same, using EPS (Expandable Polystrene System) without knits technology (Wrinkle - Free System) can be on the frame process to remove defects, one forming of the triangle and the Nanoalloy technology of Japanese Torayca carbon fiber materials - PINARELLO exclusive carbon fiber 60 hm1k, can avoid frame produce accident fracture situation.

The last is worth mentioning (WWW dot bicyclestoparts dot com)DOGMA 2 provide PINARELLO exclusive gold drill diagram outfit design, and 12 kinds of size to choose, and specifically for you the guest of the system MyWay color matching system, you may make the design want to color.