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Photobucket ransom

Posted By: Andy Higham

Photobucket ransom - 09/01/17 5:39 pm

I found this on another forum, to get around the photofuckit blocking of images there is an extension for Chrome. This makes all blocked images visible again
Posted By: Peter R

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/01/17 6:34 pm

I tried this, and you know what? IT WORKS !
Thanks bigt
Posted By: kevin roberts

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/02/17 4:08 pm

i did it also, and all the photobucket pictures here and at accessnorton came back.

i imagine photobucket will jam it somehow as soon as they can, so i've copied the ones i can't download from photobucket.
Posted By: Al Eckstadt

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/02/17 5:39 pm

I used Chrome browser and downloaded the extension. Not sure how it works. Does it enable me only to view the blocked photos? I can't imagine that it would totally restore my photos so everyone can see them.

I can verify that I can see previously blocked images in one of my posts.
Posted By: Mal Marsden

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/29/17 8:48 pm

Well photobucket seems to have given up the ghost now and a search on the web tells me it is new policy from photobucket. None of the photos on Britbike come up for me now using an ipad with Safari.

Is there anything else out there we can use or is it the end of posting photos? Not paying $400, money like that goes on the bike!

Posted By: Lannis

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/29/17 9:14 pm

Keep up in the back there! This is six-month-old news. There's literally hundreds of posts on this very site already giving you alternatives to P-bucket.

Posted By: kommando

Re: Photobucket ransom - 09/30/17 6:38 am

Use chrome and install the photobucket extension, if the iPad does not run chrome then change the iPad.
Posted By: Mori55

Re: Photobucket ransom - 10/19/17 12:38 am

Dosent work now,
Posted By: kommando

Re: Photobucket ransom - 11/25/17 7:26 pm

These are the latest fixes as the original does not work now.


I now have all 3 in place and seeing the PB images again.
Posted By: Nick H

Re: Photobucket ransom - 11/26/17 12:32 am

this has worked for me. Go back and edit your post. Use "~original"

Add ~original after the last .jpeg or .png and the [/img]

example: [img]http:\\photo$&£€#!?#.jpeg~original[/img]

Tedious, but I fixed a few of mine. We'll see how long this lasts!
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