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Photo posting tutorial

Posted By: shel

Photo posting tutorial - 07/24/07 2:57 am

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The question comes up often, "how do I post a photo?"
I asked this question myself when I started out on message boards. The answer I got was "upload to a host site and then copy and paste the image properties"
Does this help anyone? It sure didn't mean squat to me.
So I put together a step by step how to with captured screen shots of my computer so you could see what each step looks like.

beneath each step is a thumbnail, click the picture to enlarge and then click a second time to view full size.

You cannot upload a photo straight from your computer, first you have to host it to the web.
to do this you will need an account on an image hosting site.
I like it's free and it's the easiest I found so far.
Once you've opened your account you will need to upload photos from your computer.
To do this click the browse tab.

2.Locate album
This will bring up a window that will allow you to search your files for the photo you want to post.
At the top of this window is a drop down menu that says "look in" clicking on this will allow you to search in "My pictures" or "My documents" etc. to find the folder your photo is stored in. Once you've found this folder right click on it and click on "select" this will open the folder so yo can view the photos contained within.

3.Select photo
Once you find the picture you want to post you need to select it to upload.
place your pointer over the photo and right click on it.
A screen will pop up giving you various options.
click "select"

now your photo is ready to upload to the host site, at this point you can upload the photo by clicking the "upload" tab or continue to browse for more photos. you can upload several photos at one time by clicking the "browse" tab. you can upload several more by clicking on the "+add more" tab and then click "upload"

everyone hates the huge photo that make you scroll left to right to read the text in the thread. be a hero and resize.
above your photo is a list of options, click "edit"
This will bring up a new window with new options, click "resize" this will give you several sizes to choose from, I find the recommended message board size of 640x480 is just right.

Posted By: shel

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/24/07 3:14 am

click the photo you want to post to open the full size photo, to the right of the photo is 4 lines of code, the bottom one is the "image" code. click on this and it will briefly say "copied"

Now you're ready to put your photo on or anywhere else.
Open up a reply box or start a new topic and then with your pointer in the reply box right click and then click "paste"

Posted By: shel

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/24/07 4:13 am

8.Add reply
At this point you should see the "IMG" code in the reply box, click "add reply"

9.Pat yourself on the back beerchug

I hope this has helped some of you.
I've tried to make it as clear as possible but if there is something that you're having trouble with or don't understand please feel free to ask.
Posted By: Bob S

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/24/07 8:53 pm

shel------This is great, a step by step, procedure to help us, computer uninclined.This will help a bunch a guys on the edge of greatness, trying to reach the ultimate goal of posting a picture clap Well done, Now lets see how bad I--can screw this up.all jokeing aside, shel. definitely a great us old dudes. although, they `ve all been great helping me. gunk, lannis, rich b, etc. But hang on,there`ll be someone after you for details,again thank you from all of us for your, concern for others. bob s
Posted By: Steve Erickson

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/24/07 8:56 pm

Thank you, Shel! This is so clear, even I can probably do it.

Group, Morgan has permanently stuck this post, so it will stay at the top here, and be available whenever the often asked question arises..."How Do I Do It?".
This thread will remain open for feedback for a week or so, then will be locked. So if anyone has corrections, suggestions, or things to add, now is the time.
Posted By: DBD13

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/28/07 12:36 am

I only see one step omitted that is useful, prior to 9) "pat yourself on back", that would be "The 'Preview Post' button is your friend"

Posted By: waspfarmer

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 08/12/07 9:43 am

Appearntly there are seven rulues to a proffesional photo. I know the best two, Balance and deapth.

This is "what you're taking a picture of. Aunt Agnes, those killer whales, that stump, the problem with the siding. The subject is your inspiration.

When you look through the view finder, or LCD screen, try to ballance the shot. The subject should always be in the center of your shot. Aunt Agnes on the far left should be included, so adjust your shot to include your entire subject (the whole family).

To give your photos deapth, you need to look for "foreground". Think of your photos as a matter of balance on three dimensions, that is the close and far balance is as important as the side to side/up and down balance, all with the subject in the middle. Foreground, closer to the cammera than the subject. flower, car, hose, tree, dad's sandle, ect.

:Midground; Your subject. (Joice, the family, frog, toe, plane, fruit) ect. I find stumps make a great subject for landscapes.

:Background. All that beatiful scenery that you would snap anyway, or the room, hallway, shop, beach, city, batcave, mountains ect.
Posted By: Morgan aka Admin

Re: Photo posting tutorial - 07/09/16 6:49 am

Stuart: came up with this option

If you don't have an account on a photo-Hosting site already and don't want to go to the time and trouble of setting one up, use TinyPic:-

. Click the "Choose file" button and select the picture file you want to upload.

. DO NOT leave the "Resize" selection on "Default", it produces giant pictures that no-one'll thank you for; smile I use "Message Board (640 x 480)".

. Click on the "Upload" button and follow the instructions.

. When TinyPic displays "Share This Image" and your picture, copy the line highlighted under "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" - including the "IMG" and square brackets at each end - into your BritBike Forum post.

. Before posting your BritBike Forum post, click on the "Preview Reply" button to ensure your post will come out how you want.
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