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Feb 13th, 2017
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Triumph bulletin board
12 minutes ago
It's quite possible that a LED headlight bulb and and and new battery will do it. I buy mine from these guys.


PS make sure you know which bulb you need. It's likely BPF or H4 mount. They are quite different.
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Hot links forum
18 minutes ago
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Bsa bulletin board
25 minutes ago
David Aldena, Jim Rice and Dick Mann used Trackmaster frames for the dirt.
I would like to know what ratios they thought they were going to change with the timing case cut in two pieces. To change any gearbox ratios requires removing the primary cover and output sprocket. Bacon shows others but I have only seen one close ratio set and standard. If you really had to change the gearbox ratio from one to the other you would have another gearset ready unless you brought a shop with you. Still, not a quick change even with the split timing case.
Dan Macias made field replaceable bearings for the Triumph cams. Maybe they were going to change cams at the track which would be simpler than changing gearbox ratios.
By "main bearings" do you mean the timing bush changed to roller? The drive side would be a roller already and nobody made split roller bearings for the rods.
I would expect more A70 engines were used for dirt track than roadracing. Far too disadvantaged to the triples.
I know of one A65 in an A70 frame (mine). I do not know if it came from the factory that way and it was so long ago that I do not remember if I bought the bike whole.
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
26 minutes ago
MMan--you say your turning point was seeing the Norton team at the Cannonball last year.
My turning pointy was the Triumph National Rally in PA last June.
I have had for the last 12 years a HF 8' X 4' folding trailer on which I have mounted a plywood bed, a lock box for straps, jack etc and a spare wheel.
The bed is drilled so that I can mount on it one, two or three HF wheel chocks to take one, two or three bikes.
The bed is also drilled in a slightly different position so that I can transport my sidecar outfit on the same trailer.
It tows very well----I have regularly exceeded the speed limit with the trailer loaded.
Surprisingly perhaps the Range Rover tows well.
Due to its heritage the towing load spec is big---9000 lbs if I remember correctly.
But--back to the turning point.
At the Triumph Rally I had towed two bikes and was intending to stay for the three days (two nights).
I had a tent with me but the weather was terrible and I ended up sleeping in the car.
I thought "Now if only I had an enclosed trailer I could carry a fold up bed with me and sleep in the trailer".
Hence my search now.
I went to a dealer a few days ago and priced up a 7' X 12' aluminum framed trailer but it came out at over $7K plus tax etc--too much.
So I am now thinking of the same size steel framed unit and doing some of the work myself (painting walls and ceiling and painting the floor with rubberized paint etc).
All depends on the news on my tax refund!
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Hot links forum
28 minutes ago
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Members bike projects
29 minutes ago
I've owned plenty of Ducati's and can confirm the low bars cause rider discomfort, however the problem is much reduced at high speed where the wind pressure tends to lift the body and reduce stress on wrists, shoulders & backs etc. Although I've never owned a Ducati Monster, I think the higher bars would lead to a more comfortable 'sit up and beg' position so worthwhile for those of us in their late 50's or over.

One other consideration is whether to fit decent rear shocks. Some of the cheaper types are like pogo sticks and you will notice your spine jarring when going over bumps. I've been using Hagon 2810 shocks on my A65 which have 10 way adjustable damping and work well, you can really feel the adjustable compression and damping working. Better still are IKON shocks which are a replica of the original KONI dial a rides which were excellent.
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Hot links forum
40 minutes ago
OK. When I saw the price was $1,800, instead of the $1600 I had posted with, I thought, WTH, can't I see anymore. Then I looked to see that is was updated.
Twice now.
As I was looking at Ebay, now I see this Link
It is being sold on both sites.
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British modified/specials
44 minutes ago
I've known a couple of blokes fit norton cranks+rods to triumphs but building a trumpet one up
that much would be a very expensive exercise. An 85 or 89mm stroke norton crank would give
some advantage cc wise but it's a fair amount of work to do. A guy called Bingham used to have
a very quick triumph sidecar outfit back in the '60's done like that.
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The triple forum
55 minutes ago
The horn bracket is part of the horn assembly and is not available separately. I would try e-bay. Sincerely Jeff
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The Rod and Tappet
1 hour ago
i like open pie especially Boston Crème...…...have extra slip in baffles or stock mufflers on all my already partially deaf in left ear from 17 yrs civil war reenacting musket fire
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Members bike projects
1 hour ago
Well I shut the light off and it’s buzzing better but for some reason the high beam indicator blows when I hit the high beam button. The biggest pain for me is the bike has to be running to check this stuff. Since I’m not good with a meter I’m not sure what to set on to check it. Where is she going to kick me out tonight. To me if it was a bike with a battery I could just turn it on and check things.
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 11:42 PM
Sorry for the delay in updates, but I only forward what Melissa posts on facebook.

Anna has recently had bouts of insomnia, which make sleep very difficult for Melissa. Melissa is exhausted , both physically and emotionally.

I recently came across this article. It is a bit long, but well worth your time. I immediately thought of Anna and Melissa. I urge you to read it.

[Linked Image]

Count you blessings friends.

God Bless Anna Mott
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 11:41 PM
Well...............I don't like your one much!
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Royal enfield forum
Yesterday at 11:06 PM
Nice cycle. No plug leads on it though, so the buyer won't be riding off into the sunset. ?

That whole front fender looks different to the pic in Gordon Mays book of that year/model,
so it has been changed ??
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Royal enfield forum
Yesterday at 10:52 PM
It looks like a WW2 Enfield front wheel, do I even see a tinge of green to it ?
This would be off a WD/C or WD/CO or ...

What specs do you need, you have a fully laced up wheel to copy from.
I simply took a wheel (exactly ?) like that to the local supplier, and he supplied a rim and set of spokes made the same...

A lot of Enfield rims are a little unusual in that 3 spokes in a row have their holes offset to one side, and then one is offset to the other side.
He took a blank rim, and punched the holes to the same pattern.

With a cleanup, that wheel looks usuable ? Perhaps not if you want it chromed though ?
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Bsa gold star forum
Yesterday at 10:28 PM
Can You Die cut the threads a bit longer? Think of it as one of the many weekend projects.

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Triumph bulletin board
Yesterday at 09:48 PM
Hi guys, I am preparing and priming the plastic side covers that were damaged with the accident.

If I remember right, the wires that I have are this way:

-to the positive of the battery is connected a thick translucent red wire with the fuse that joins with the NU.
-From the Pazon: Red one goes to the right coil and joins with another wire to the WY. The White connects to the WK. Black one goes to the left coil. The other two (WB, BY) are connected to under taped wires that go to the bottom of the engine under the gbox.
-I have a WK to the negative.
-Other from negative to frame

--I will start to remove parts to see where and how I can connect this Tri spark regulator
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Ariel forum
Yesterday at 08:37 PM
I think that I have a spare one lying about but it is missing the top plug.
Postage from Australia would probably be horrendous on top of the purchase.
I will do a shed search later in the day.
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
Yesterday at 08:17 PM
PM'ed you...
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
Yesterday at 06:51 PM
Originally Posted by Irish Swede
But what does it fit? What size is it?

Are there any numbers stamped into the rim?

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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 06:40 PM
Nice one, Keane---I think I will have a couple--------
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
Yesterday at 06:22 PM
Thank you Bodie! I just bought the first on from the UK, hopefully it works! Using the man's thumbnail as a guide, it looks to be the right diameter.
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
Yesterday at 03:40 PM
I have available for sale a Norton Commando front brake master cylinder assembly as well as a caliper. (See photos below)
The front master is bare but in good condition. It is missing the piston, seals, etc. Threads all are in good condition: $75

The front brake caliper is also in good condition with one problem, the bleed screw was broken off and it appears that either a drill or an easy-out has broken off inside (see photo). This is probably an easy fix for someone who knows what they are doing. The interior looks good and all other threads are good. I will include 2 pistons that may be usable. They have some corrosion on the surface that was outside of the seals. In any case I am including those free with the caliper: $75


I do accept paypal. All prices are plus shipping at cost. Send me a PM if interested along with your zip/postal code and I'll let you know what shipping will cost.
[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 03:12 PM
...and views of BSA pix...

[Linked Image]
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Garage sale - The private buy & sell board
Yesterday at 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by DM
Originally Posted by GrandPaul
That red bike ain't no Rocket III !

No one said the Rocket 3 was red.

OP listed three bikes. There were three photos. Just sayin'...
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