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The Rod and Tappet
10 minutes ago
I was digging under my house several years back and found a bottle that read:

Genuine Indian Kickapoo Oil

I think 1880's?

Nothing like getting scammed in a moment of need. Kinda puts some modern day issues into perspective, IMO.
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11 minutes ago
I've repaired and re-listed the Bonneville ebay listing 66 Bonnie

Mostly original (Boyer ignition & new seat) otherwise very good condition and runs perfectly.

Clean registration in my name, matching numbers.

[Linked Image]
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British Motorcycles in General
12 minutes ago
Anyone ever owned a Harley?

It took three days to thoroughly clean my restored '47 knucklehead for our classic and antique bike club's annual show.

When I finished, my hands looked like I'd run them through a meat grinder, they were so cut-up from all the rough, sharp edges on that bike.
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British Motorcycles in General
14 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Ginge
Classic symptoms of a failing battery or failing charging system.

It wouldn't get better after a 20 min rest, if it was a dead battery.
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15 minutes ago
I made a good guess. It's a nice survivor, and worth the price.
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BSA Bulletin Board
24 minutes ago
Number 387?

That would be rarer than the 4800 RGS's that are about eh? or the 6000+ Thruxton bonney's
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Triumph Bulletin Board
39 minutes ago
YES ..... a reasonable process to try out on the old beast ......

I did consider that condition with oil ring being stuck or broken but wasn't sure how that would square with the compression readings we got , and how it would account for oil residue showing up on the outside of the exhaust flange ?
I will let y'all know how this plays out.

' Uncle Funky ' , we're comin' for your Limey behind !
7 176 Read More
1 hour ago
Gone-Deleted. Might have been the real deal and snapped up quick or a scam. Worth following up on, but "Trust but verify" Some of the wackiest ads though sometimes are legit and seller was just a idiot.
1 71 Read More
1 hour ago
Any chance we could get this on the books for 2018.....I love the suspense, but I have beaucoup things going on and would love to reserve a weekend for this!


49 8,193 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
1 hour ago
+1 to JD's post.....I wish thew TSMR didn't conflict with that Rallye.....I always had fun attending it! Thanks for posting Tom!



p.s. June is filling up fast, but I'd love to make a side trip to Harrisburg sometime in July and ride some roads up there! bigt
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Ariel Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Richard Kal
Mikes XS offers a couple of riveting tools
Just to be clear, I need a tool that breaks chain, not rivets master links, although it's fine if a tool does both. It seems like buying a chain breaker should be easy, but nothing is ever simple or fast. The problem to be solved is I want a chain breaker that is portable and that can deal with chain as large as the 530 X-ring and as small as the #43 for the magneto.

Narrowing things down to the Motion Pro 08-0467, its description says it is good for "most 520, 525 and 530 standard, O-ring and X-ring chains. There's no mention of smaller chain, like my 428 primary or #43 even though it comes with a 4 mm driver so it seems like it should work with 428 (4.5 mm pin), but definitely not with the #43 (3.6 mm). However, the same replacement 4 mm driver for their bench mounted "Jumbo" chain breaker is used in the 08-0467, and that Jumbo breaker also takes 3 mm and 2 mm drivers. Still, even if the 08-0467 takes smaller drivers, another issue is if the adjustment range is sufficient to accommodate a chain as narrow as the #43.

There's also the 08-0058 kit with 2, 3, and 4 mm drivers that "Will break chains from #35 to #630," although it is only "Recommended for light to medium-duty use" and it isn't clear from the part numbers of the replacement parts that the main body and other parts are the same as those of the 08-0467. Although I expect the 08-0467 supplemented with 3 mm and 2 mm drivers will handle everything, since time is not critical I've emailed questions to Motion Pro to find out before spending the ~$90 to buy it and the two extra drivers.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
2 hours ago

This has the bulb with the two contacts and the original cap that locks the bulb in. I don't recall a loop for a ground wire. On the small pilot socket there is a loop with a red wire going to the indicator light for the high beam. High beam and low both work. I will have to pull the switch and see where the pilot is connected. I put a new bulb in and still nothing.
33 893 Read More
BSA Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
Thanks, that's what I thought.

I went back ans fiddled with it some more - here's what I found.-

The rear switch is only closed in the middle range of motion. All the way forward or all the way back is open. I adjusted the switch so pedal full down is in this middle range.
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British Motorcycles in General
2 hours ago
It's not on the road yet, TT. In the garage it sounds OK. I am sorting out new carbs and should be able to ride it this weekend.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
[/quote]IMHO this is a valuable enough bike to merit a new quality harness.[/quote]

I agree, especially if, as seems to be the consensus, the wiring currently on it is not standard. Is it likely that a new harness (if i buy one from TMS or LPW) will correspond with the colour coding shown in the genuine T160 manual? This is the only diagram I possess or know of.
49 749 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
3 hours ago
That's sad news. I was lucky enough last year to get some original BNIB Lucas battery connectors for my '38 5T from Rabers. Service was great and fast with quick delivery to the UK.

It's not often that you find these gems and after the stock has been sold on I wonder if the new owners will sit on it as an investment - or another trader will absorb the stock for their business?
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British Motorcycles in General
5 hours ago
Wow! Can`t beat that.

A true idiots guide.

Thank you Stuart
33 843 Read More
5 hours ago
Yup, for a day....
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Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
Thanks for your expertise folks!

@reverb: With internal or extarnal oil passages do you mean the drain pipes from the rocker boxes back to the pushrod tubes or something else ?
Yes i put compressed air throw the crankcase oil return pipe and the air comes out of the oil tank easy, you can even hear the ball open in the suction oil pump plunger.
For sure not when you just blow in it, then its total leak tight.

@NickL: I will try that on the old oil pump, to make shure that the new one dosen´t get demaged by my brute force..

best oily reguards
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BSA Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
thanks! much appreciated.
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BSA Gold Star Forum
6 hours ago
Originally Posted by Magnetoman
Originally Posted by Sluggo650PNW
I always used pedantic in the context of those who obsess with minute details to the extreme
What about when those "details" are essential, as they certainly can be with mechanical devices? I hope most people would agree it isn't "extreme" to "obsess with minute details" if those details determine whether or not something like a clutch or gearbox (or gearbox mainshaft) functions properly.

As a thoroughly pedantic observation, 'The Synonym Finder' (Rodale Press, 1978) gives scholastic, scholarly, professorial, precise, studious, and learned as six synonyms for pedantic that someone shouldn't find insulting (although, the person saying them might intend otherwise). Unfortunately, it gives another 83 synonyms that someone would find insulting (pretentious, unimaginative, unoriginal, useless,...). Again, sigh...

Anyway, enough of this digression. Back to gearboxes.

What, and eschew pedanticism? laughing
36 1,160 Read More
8 hours ago
Thanks SG that was fun!!!! I did the "I need more brake" on my 69 T-150, A disc brake T-160 front end fixed that. I do believe having a "gadget" on the handle bar of a vintage Brit bike is way illegal!! Better spot would be on your person. God forbid you and the handle bar part ways on a road like you filmed the ride on.
How's R-3 doing???
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Three State Mountain Ride Forum
8 hours ago
Originally Posted by bodine031
Thanks for the pix's Lannis. Glad you folks had a good time and all got through the ride and to and from home ok

All's well that ends well, as they say ..... !

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Triumph Bulletin Board
8 hours ago
...what about the rider when you break a crank?

I broke a connecting rod and the RH case and did not liked at all and was in low gear I can imagine it in top gear...
8 445 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
8 hours ago
...hi Allan, in that first comment says that is a dual plugs head with 9:1 and the model. The timing is implied if not the bike do not perform right and I did not commented that the bike is not performing right...

Also the first question was that how do you guys obtain a bike that does not shut off when cold?
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