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Triumph Bulletin Board
6 minutes ago
How did the factory get the pattern on the tank ?
Did they have templates?
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The Competition Forum
15 minutes ago
Hi to all I have on my Triumph an eight valve cylinder head and I have damaged tappet adjusters.
Could you help me where to buy them? Except from Nourish engineering.
Or if it is possible to fit from other motorcycle?
Thanks for any help.
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The Rod and Tappet
1 hour ago
Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Lots of odds and ends in your shop, I have to limit the amount of stuff in my shop, here in Europe the average size of our workshops equals the size of an American bathroom.
So, i have to keep things well organized.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
I have K-liners in the head of the Commando (RH4 head) These heads are known to crack to the inlet channel where the material is rather thin.
Works well so far.
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British Motorcycles in General
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Rohan
RR developed their family of alloys for pistons for aero use.!
Didn't one of the advertising blurbs mention HDA had turned out 10 million+ pistons during the war.

I'd be curious if they ever used alloy rods in aero engines ?
Thems hulking great pistons thumping up and down in there.

& didn't the Merlin initially have an anticipated service life of 100 hours.
And less, considerably less, if the pilot used the emergency rpm override or overboost lever,
or whatever they called it.

NASCAR engines change the pistons every race, thats how they get reliability....

The best financed teams in Nascar can afford to change parts every race because so much is at stake, not so for the rest of the pack.. Think about a 5700cc pushrod V8 running 9000 rpm for for several hours and show almost no wear on engine parts..........No aircraft engines. used aluminum rods despite the constant search for lighter weight. Currently ,all the top running Triumphs in land speed racing use aftermarket steel or aluminum rods. Mike Baker here doing vintage road racing uses steel rods,I don't know if that typical or not.. No one wants to risk a $4000 plus engine on 60 year aluminum rods.
The Merlin was in a constant state of development and the most powerful versions had a short time between overhaul, about 100-400 hours in fighter plane use by the end of the war...This was typical of all WW2 fighter aircraft...The Merlin was a great engine not so much because of it's engine design as it was for the impressive performance of it's dual stage intercooled supercharger and RR's attention to the problems..
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Triumph Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
Yes, the news that a 530 X ring chain will go straight on is very good. One thing I wonder about though, is how the interface between the rollers and the sprocket teeth gets lubricated, without regular application of lubricant to the exterior surfaces of the rollers - does the fact that the rollers themselves are well lubricated and therefore rotate freely mean that sprocket wear is insignificant?

Changing gearbox sprockets is such a major chore, I think I;d apply some sort of lubricant every so often as a precaution, even with an X ring chain.
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BSA Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
could very well be a typo
the 500's are a bit thin on the ground.
But as they have an domain, email them to confirm the size.
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The Rod and Tappet
3 hours ago
Strange set of events came together: I'm in the middle of moving so much of what I own is in boxes. We were trying to get rid of junk prior to the actual move so the gas grill had gone to the dump about a week before the storm. Camp stove had already been boxed and moved to the new place. 15 year old (and bought used then) emergency generator decided to die on the second day of the power outage. I live about 10 miles from town but the first thing you come to on the way in is a McD's so fairly decent coffee was available with a short drive....just not at your hand with your jammies on.
11 286 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
5 hours ago
I discovered which list all stations carrying non ethanol gas. I scope it out before each trip and have managed to avoid using any ethanol in any of my stuff for over 3 years now.
5 years ago I had to replace my fuel pump in my truck because of rust clogs caused by ethanol carrying water in my fuel system. I also found I get much better milage . Not sure it's all that green,
taking into account the amount of diesel burned planting and harvesting corn.
14 655 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
5 hours ago
I only hit them occasionally on the bike, going around some car turning left off the highway. No problem.
I owe my life, and those of my passengers, to rumble strips. Sure, they're obnoxious but just enough to wake me up from the micro-sleep which sets in at 4am when returning from a gig. Also tells me it's time to hit a truck stop, get some coffee and wash the sleep out of my eyes.
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Norton Bulletin Board
5 hours ago
Hi Rohan, it has stamped 3717..maybe a small letter before the number possibly N. Nothing below it.

Cant locate a 55 sales brochure but 56 certainly shows the rank is very similar to a 53 but now with a badge. I think your explan may be correct..the original tank expired. There was at least one more ES2 on Zanzibar from what the seller told me..and he even knew the village... so the owner either could have ordered a new tank from probablythe mainland Tanganyika ( as it then was) agent or found a later model one.

Has anyone had experience of the Indian tanks for Norton? I got one for a BSA A7SS via a UK dealer. It was quite good except they had added an inch of height to the tank and a rather more bulbous look.
17 267 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
5 hours ago
Hi Jack,

Originally Posted by JackFT140
'68 Bonnie, all stock with the large US handlebars
For a mild bolt-on Cafe conversion I have ordered a set of Hyde rearsets and "drag bars" with no rise and thus will need shorter control cables.

Previous answers are all over-complicated solutions in search of a problem. wink Simply route the existing cables around the front of the frame steering head before connecting to the levers. I've two T160's, one with standard US-market 'bars and footrests, the other with Hyde "M-bars" and rearsets; they've been that way for years and I swap 'bars and footrests if one bike's covering more miles than the other; both bikes have always had US-market length cables, routed as advised with the Hyde 'bars.


6 162 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
6 hours ago
I put in 20 pilot jets. The 15s made for a flat spot just off idle.
Painted the chain guard I bought at Barber.
I refit the tail light and installed turn signals on the Trident, almost ready to ride.
495 104,694 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
6 hours ago
And if 50W AC is all you’ve got, then rectifying it will take it down to 40W.

Even less at low rpm.
16 560 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
Sorry to hear this, Fernando, thoughts are with you !
32 578 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
6 hours ago
It won’t go any faster or farther with needle bearing camshafts.
1 51 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
6 hours ago
I don't know if this stuff is actually Red-Kote or some other brand, but that tech paper says nothing about dye leeching into the fuel.
I can think of no reason to add the color in the first place.
In any case, I plan to buy a large can of acetone to get the stuff out. I will not have spilled fuel coloring my engine cases!!
Just more lame-ass "engineering."
If you're gonna spend five years learning how to build things at least DO IT RIGHT!
4 187 Read More
BSA Gold Star Forum
8 hours ago
Why not use an Mo1 magdyno and replace the dynamo portion with an alternator?
1 85 Read More
Ariel Forum
8 hours ago
Hey MM! What's your de-rusting solution of choice?
1,826 249,260 Read More
The Competition Forum
10 hours ago
Thanks for explaining that Nick, I will let you know how it goes.

This is just the trigger system which will work with my honda ign as well and it fits nicely on the points plate.

[Linked Image]

two bolt heads to pulse them, to mimic crank triggering, so the advance works properly.

[Linked Image]

How it fits.

[Linked Image]

I'll cut a big hole in the plate so I can see the bolt heads and get a feeler gauge in to set the clearance.
67 2,243 Read More
The Competition Forum
10 hours ago
It's always a big mystery to what's inside the engines with these guys.....You and me are the only guys who tell all...
3 76 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
11 hours ago
If my BSA Beagle with Morbidelli 50cc seven speed motor was ready I'd show you hepcats...
2 111 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
11 hours ago
Thanks, Steve. Tell us more about your "new" TR5T.

That e-Bay bike -- thanks for the link -- very clean. I'm aiming for 300 pounds street legal for mine, just ordered the Petty fenders today.

BTW, you can take those long URLs and make them tiny with -- here's the e-Bay link to the TR5T made tiny:

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British Motorcycles in General
11 hours ago
I was with him when he got the bike...The urine smell was using us for punching bags ......Pete's got the bike cleaned up ok...
4 175 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
Yesterday at 11:55 PM
Constants do not come from nowhere.

you're right, dave. physical constants have physical reasons, and physics doesn't lie.

but the constants in the pipe formulas seem more corrections, trying to lump a bunch of unmeasured parameters together, and they're not explained. fuel/air emulsions are not ideal gases, and vary in density along the pipe, and change unpredictably due to reversion. even the initial composition and temperature of the gas varies with the jetting and the cam timing, and is not included in the formulas.

i can't measure the specific heat of my mixture at 66 F, RAD 108, 140 main jets, and then correct it when i switch to 140 main jets.

with pipe resonance, the harmonic waves in a perfectly straight tube may or may not correspond to the passage of mixture through a slide carburetor and port of differing radius over a few inches.

i'm not disagreeing with science, i'm just pointing out that perfect predictions require perfect conditions. i'm much more comfortable using science only for a first approximation, and then just testing my way through. i don't have to understand what works, just that it does.
16 653 Read More
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