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Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
As I said earlier the head is not warped, there is an indent from the head gasket. But since you are curious, crush height on the pushrod tubes is set between .025"-.030".
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2 hours ago

pretty sure this is posted by one of our members...
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The Rod and Tappet
2 hours ago
small faces...itchycoo park
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Triumph Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
Perhaps some of you gentlemen could sort this out for me. While cleaning up a 1969 Triumph I found that it had the original tube/intake cam breather system and also the primary breather system as follows- engine frame #s BC 11605 T120R with matching machine # under cases. The intake cam bushing has vented plate behind it and had no breather disk when disassembled, has steel vent tube with brass cap sweated on to plug it. There was no crank seal and has the three drain back holes in normal place. The large alloy vent is just pressed into back of primary instead of two screws like 1970 had. It also had a steel baffle plate in front of elbow held in by the alternator wire spigot. This bike may have been a Canadian delivered bike from new and stamps look to have been factory . Any one else ever seen this mid season 1969?
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The Triple Forum
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
[quote=tridentt150vI don't believe you need a modern engine design to take advantage of injection as evidence the many old OHV V-8's fitted with EFI.

I have limited knowledge of these 'old V8s' but afaik they are throttle body injection [similar to what our bikes would have to go with]. Direct injection came much later. This method was inherently inefficient...dinosaur with a band aid! It was only done in desperation in a declining market and surging fuel prices. I would be amazed if there was any massive benefit from this. I think it was also a knee jeeerk mod to show that the American car industry [and the Australian/English one as well] - so lets say traditional - could match it with the modern offerings from Japan and Europe. It was always a stop gap until they caught up.
This was similar to the V8's that could switch to a 4 cylinder in cruise mode and the petrol motor V8's that had a diesel head slapped on them in cars like the Cadillac.

Again I say "You won't really get much advantage over carbies vs injection on a road going bike unless you add flat topped pistons and a 4 valve head and direct injection"....but note I didn't say NO advantage, just not enough to warrant the work needed.

Inversely, I wouldn't go to the trouble of installing carbies on a throttle body/inlet tract type injected motor.....again....nil advantage.
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Ariel Forum
2 hours ago
The seller volunteered to refund the purchase price with me keeping the magneto and paying the shipping. I agreed and he's already refunded it to Paypal. A quick search didn't turn up any leads on what the RM1 magneto might have been used on so it will just go on the dusty shelf that looks like a miniature version of the final warehouse scene in 'The Raiders of the Lost Arc'.
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The Rod and Tappet
2 hours ago
Originally Posted by r.bartlett
Originally Posted by Lannis
Originally Posted by r.bartlett
Originally Posted by gavin eisler
Followed by coffee , potatoes, chillii and cocoa.

coffee is from Turkish
potato & cocoa are Spanish
Chilli is Mexican

Not sure what you're alluding too here?

Nay lad you're off there; it's a fair cop on "coffee", which is of Arab origin and didn't show up in the Americas until brought here by Europeans ...

... but "potato" is from Carib Indian "batata" to Spanish "patata". Cocoa and Chili are both of Aztec origin, and again the Spanish borrowed the words directly from their Nahuatl language.

Etymology was one of my favorite college classes, you won't catch me out on that ... !


Which none of the above are native North Indian words or derivatives of, which was the original premise was it not?

It's the premise now that you've realized that you were wrong and have gone back and invented the "North Indian", whatever the heck that is, and invented a premise that makes you feel better. But no harm done.

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BSA Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
The stated idea is to change the entire pipe, not just the muffler, to emulate B44 "up" exhaust (right side). 69 TR25W pipe went outside the frame rails, 70 switched sides and went way out... only 68 would work as described.

The bike is a B25S... not SS.

Easiest to stick with pre-OIF unit singles tanks, I'd suggest you dry-fit anything else before paying for it to see how poorly it fits.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
You won't be able to use the pre OIF headbolts/ rockerboxes. The bolts will not clear the top tube with the motor bolted into the frame.
The OIF rockerboxes will work on the 67 head along with the 71 headbolts. Be prepared to fuss with oil leaks from the rockerbox / head interface. There's precious little meat between the 2 on the back of the rockerboxes
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3 hours ago
Just to add---my best bike buys over the last 57 years have been at this time of the year.
Few people think of buying bikes and most are financially committed ref Christmas costs and presents etc.
Good time to buy, Jon!
Also the seller very often needs cash so it is a double whammy---willing sellers and not too much competition from other buyers.
Just my two cents worth of course.
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The Rod and Tappet
3 hours ago
We took one down to Hall's Gap for you.
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The Competition Forum
3 hours ago
No pressure.
Roebling Road 21-24 Feb, 2019
10 767 Read More
3 hours ago
Kurt----like this I guess you meant ( see photo)!
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The Rod and Tappet
3 hours ago
And thats good advice, Jerry.
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BSA Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
But it IS a much better engine than the original, in all respects. I'd think it a pretty desirable upgrade.
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Sponsors & Vendors Forum - Buy-Sell BOARD
6 hours ago





For further pics ->>>

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Members Bike Projects
Yesterday at 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by gunner
Whats not obvious from the photos is the condition of the cam plate, selector forks and detent spring,
Actually, what I had installed for those photos were the plate, forks and springs that are part of the ventilated case. However, the plate and forks are easy to swap so I will be doing careful measurements with the actual SCT2's components.

Originally Posted by gunner
Additionally the tension on the detent spring can affect the gear change operation though I'm not sure how this is adjusted on your box.
There's a bolt-type adjuster that sets the load on a spring and BSA suggests adjusting it such that one thread is left exposed.

Originally Posted by gunner
I would try to adjust things so that the dogs are engaged as much as possible although this may not always be possible.
The possibilities for making adjustments are less than might seem apparent at first. Gears A/B and G/H are fixed in their positions so once the end float is set there's nothing more to be done with them. The shifter forks lock C/E together and D/F together so each pair is forced to move in lock-step. Referring to the photographs in my previous post, you can see there is a small space between E and G in 3rd gear so a shim could be placed on the shaft to offset that fork a little to the right. However, if there were done, the dogs on C would then engage less with A when in 4th.

The cam plate is the one other place where there could be problems. If it were made incorrectly it might, say, shove a gear pair the correct distance one way in a given gear, but not far enough the other way in a different gear. I took a photo I'll use later, showing the differences between a 'normal' and a reversed cam plate, applied some Photoshop magic, and produced the composite photograph below.

The reversed plate (i.e. RRT2-type) is in green with its cam slots in red, and the Standard plate is overlayed on it at 50% transparency. Note that the slots match extremely well between these plates, which means the relative positions of the gear pairs would be the same. However, I haven't yet checked to be sure there are no issues with the SCT2's cam plate, such as the slots being identical but the notches for the detent being incorrect. All will be checked before it goes together, but I've had no garage time today and will have very little tomorrow..
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British Motorcycles in General
Yesterday at 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
Niche Cycle, associated with MAP, has these filters that appear to fit the parallel port later 750's.MK2 Amal's are 58 MM. I really don't like such thin filters but they may be ok for you...No side covers used on your bike?.Filters

Thanks, never saw those before. 1-1/8 is pretty thin, but, thin enough? I will have to get out my tape measure I guess.

Nope, no sidecovers yet. The PO jury-rigged up some mounts with 1/20 bolts and hardware store strap. Sheesh. Been waiting to solve the air cleaner thing before I figure that out.

And I have been using Uni sock filters, with the spring inside, that's all I could think of at the time, but they hit the frame downtube and push the carbs to the side.

Thanks for the ideas.
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BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:12 PM
I had to make my own bracket as well. Real pain to get in there. Poor design.
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Norton Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:10 PM
Its going to be something like this ? - but with exhausts !

WC Haycraft "The Book of the Norton" 1936 sez that the ignition timing is 5/8" btdc (fully advanced)( 42 degrees),
(1932 and later, doesn't specify earlier engines) and shows using a degree wheel on the crankshaft nut.
Its not that difficult to get the alloy cover off the primary chain ?

Yell if more needed -, you know about cigarette papers and pencils down plugholes ?
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Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 09:55 PM
My 67 and 70 had seals on both tappet guide blocks. The above article doesn’t seem to address your question. You will have an oil leak between the block and cylinder if there is no seal in there.
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Norton Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 09:46 PM
There are several accounts of folks using one set or other of the badges that came in the crate with the bike, in the USA,
so maybe you need to find those folks and ask them how they did it !?

I understand the import approval number for the bike I imported is exactly the same process that the dealers use for new bikes.

Several ex-dealer folks here tell up of rocking up with a new bike under them to the motor registry and getting plates for it.
I'll quiz them next time if I see them, but it sounded like they had no paperwork, just the Dealers plate on the bike and the customers details.
When did the USA start that titles malarky ? My Indian was only titled in the 1950s, decades after it was made...

If you can't find how your bike was titled - and that would be a USA thing, nothing the NOC could know about - why does it matter ?
They didn't call it 'badge engineering' for nothing....
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 09:43 PM
Petaluma is very nice. Not too for from me. I couldn’t live in the city again.
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Royal Enfield Forum
Yesterday at 09:41 PM
And, I've been pondering this one.
Said to be a 1960 Meteor Minor.

Is that likely to be an original colour, or a respray perhaps ??
What colour would Enfields have called that.

[Linked Image]
6 83 Read More
The Triple Forum
Yesterday at 09:11 PM
DMadigan, pm sent.
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