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Triumph Bulletin Board
20 minutes ago
This is great info on the rear brake light switch and the chain guard. Much appreciated once again. Will check the switch for date of manufacture tomorrow when I get back into the shop. On the year previous dating, if I'm remembering correctly, the same was done with Triumph heads, yes ? For example, on this 1966, the number cast into the head should be "65" (for year prior to manufacture). Seller also showed me what may be Lucas "bullet connectors" for the brake light switch, or maybe they're a standard connector in Great Britain ? Said they required a special tool to crimp 'em, but he suggested running bare wire strands thru the hole, folding the wire onto the outside of connector and soldering it together. This way, the connector could be re-used in future simply by melting the solder off.

Reconnected with a guy who does class restorations of Brit bikes, hadn't seen him for maybe 15 yrs. He also sells new & used parts and hooked me up with the proper side stand. Turned out to be stamped F3721, but his referencing showed it to be the F6940 for the 1966. Your help with the numbers confirmed it before he spoke it. Anyways, brand new, powder coated, 9 1/4", with pivot bolt and spring, $100.

One of the restos in his shop was a BSA with scrambler pipes and a chrome Wassell style gas tank. Beautiful machine! Hanging off the ceiling was the stock chain guard for it and it looked a lot like the one you posted the pic of, Rod. He said it required removing the rear tire to install the chain guard ? and he'd opted to fab his own slimmer chain guard, which he also chromed.

I gotta say, it's good to be turning my focus back to Triumph (have other bikes in the stable, but Triumph has always been my favorite brand of choice). Thanx again, guys, and Ride Safe.
9 212 Read More
Members Bike Projects
56 minutes ago
Is the grimeca axle definitely 17mm right the way through?

My ceriani axles are 17mm one side with eigher a male or female thread on that end. And a shoulder around 20mm the other side. This is designed to pull hub across so it is all held tightly against 1 leg. And the other is free to find its happy place along the 20mm section before you nip it up. I wouldnt be surprised if your gimeca came from forks with a similar set up.
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Members Bike Projects
1 hour ago
Oh and new adjustable rear shocks as well.

Ive started importing wheels and forks into aus so good excuse to put 1 of everything onto my bikes 😃
23 10,883 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
We have Lucas brand oils here, specifically for motorcycles. I like 20/50 but run straight 40 or 50 Valvoline R in my Norton. The Honda gets 20/50 Lucas full synthetic for motorcycles, compatible with wet clutches.
I'm not seeing the benefits of synthetics with regularly run Triumphs. I change the oil at 1000-1200 miles, so the extended oil change intervals with synthetics don't apply. That's about all the miles I can get on my Triumph per year and I think changing the oil once a year is a good idea. The synthetics are really expensive so without the long oil change intervals, I think it's a waste of money.
There is theoretically some benefit to using synthetics on infrequently run Triumphs since they coat bare metal and dino oil just drains off completely.

Uh, oh. Are we starting an oil thread? These things go on longer than my Triumph oil change intervals.....

If you don't have access to Lucas products or even Valvoline, never mind.

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The Rod and Tappet
2 hours ago
I just checked the stats on firearms deaths per state and Hawaii was rated 47th lowest in the country. This has got to have something to do with the laws here, but mostly I think that there are a number of other reasons, too. There is a prevailing tradition here of not solving problems with guns. Just the way the society here rolls. The last shooting I can remember here was a shoot out with the cops and a guy who had just robbed a liquor store. They shot him in the leg. How about them apples? Never happen in the big cities....ever.

firearm deaths do happen but rarely. I am really very much liking this kind of environment and wish everyone had this. This is a kind of freedom that is taken away from you when you know you could get shot and killed by some random nut job for absolutely no reason whatsoever. The freedom from this fear feels really good.

Now what to do about these freakin pit bulls. Once that is addressed, it will mean even more freedom.

92 2,661 Read More
2 hours ago
anyone interested in a norton frame? pre commando i beleive. i also have some misc parts. hubs/brakes some front end parts. looking for $300 for all of it. i will get some pictures for anyone truly interested.
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The Rod and Tappet
2 hours ago
When I worked for the Air Force at the observatory here, we were not allowed more that 4 feet off the ground without safety equipment that included harness, special lanyard and fixed tie off points for the lanyards. Got me thinking....really? 4 feet? Yep, your head against a solid object will sustain permanent injury at just 11 miles per hour. Death at a little more.

The lanyard had special segments sewn together designed to provide 9 g's of deceleration should you happen to fall. It would certainly twist your nuts in a knot, but you'd live.
I don't get up on top of houses anymore. My neighbor fell 20 feet, exploded both feet and broke his back. Not for me.

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British Motorcycles in General
2 hours ago
It was nice to meet you Stephen, along with the other forum folk. I'll post some photos on the other thread probably tonight. The image attached shows the line-up at 'J Ward'

It wasn't ironic at all that we visited 'J Ward' (for the criminally insane) on the Wednesday - when I got home yesterday my butt was telling me I was definitely insane. The time to 'butt pain' decreased each day on the way home. BSA definitely stands for Bloody Sore Ass. The old girl made it back in one piece and only left a couple of bolts as mementos for the locals along the way.

Engine has 'new noises' and felt like it was vibrating more than when I left (that could just be my sensitive tail). About 3,300 miles all up. Sole mechanical failure was a blown headlight globe and I got some shite petrol at Jindabyne that had me panicking across the Snowy Mountains Highway (rapid power loss, pinging etc.). 140km miles with virtually nothing between stops, I was 100km from Tumut. When I drained the carbs the bowl plugs were full of a froth of fuel and water. All OK after that but power was down, but that could have been the altitude.

Definitely considering the All British after meeting all the people I did!

14 313 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Richrd
I can see it now

tsmr 2019



Reverb ! its a 50 mm lens shot at 1.8 - Wide open 35 mm Nikon camera . Going for the grainy look with 400 film. Using up my expired film . Some is working and some not. experimenting I guess. Revitalizing the technics I use to use everyday.... Making me realize how lazy I got with digital.

Dibnah ... Yes there are a few Rickmans here .... Not that I see that many .... Steve McQueen had one.... I think you can still order them too....

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BSA Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
HI Bobby,
I came home late September from a trip to the Colorado mountains with a low mileage but very dusty '68 BSA Royal Star, barn find.. I found a shop in Ashley, Ohio, not far from you that got the bike on new tires, de-varnished the fuel system, cleaned it up and blessed it as road-worthy. John and Dain Schumacher have guided me through my many questions regarding the foibles of old Brit Bikes. I've had great service at what I consider fair prices.
Ashley is a quaint Ohio village and Mobile Cycle Works has a storefront and unexpected classy polished wood floor, brick walls, nice lighting and a display area with a vintage Yamaha TZ road racer, a Triumph Bonneville, a 1930s restored Velocette, and my Royal Star among other neat old bikes.
I suspect John and Dain could help you with your Brit Bike issues.
Oh, and there is a Pub across the street.
Inspector Bob
39 2,683 Read More
The Competition Forum
5 hours ago
i believe that's it.

[Linked Image]
60 1,529 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
5 hours ago
HB, that bike reminds me of one a friend of mine had back in the early '70s. It was a bobber, Sporty-style tank with British flag motif, TT pipes with shorty mufflers, etc. He bought it that way, second-hand. He used to puzzle over why his bike was faster than the other Trumps in the pack - at that time, none of us knew the significance of the "TT" in the serial number.

This friend and two other coworkers, one of whom owned a Triumph and the other a Commando, were the ones who inspired me to get a motorcycle.

Yes, cheap toys. My '67 A65L cost me $550 in 1972. Great for tearing around and making pleasing sounds, and the ultimate chick magnet. I never would have guessed that I would still possess that bike forty years later.
28 771 Read More
Monthly Photo Contest Forum
5 hours ago
The quietest A65 motor i've ever built. Runs as quietly as an A10. (except for the exhaust note!) Goes handles and stops very well too.
No rattly tappets, no piston noise, no cam gear rattle, bloody lovely.
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BSA Bulletin Board
5 hours ago
"...late C15S frame"...?

Does that mean C15C frame (63-70)?
10 516 Read More
6 hours ago
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BSA Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
The bike is 30+ years old so the book is appropriate.
Just remember to use the meter carefully, ie. use on volts whenever working on 'live' stuff.
The clamp around current sensor is handy for some jobs and cannot easily be damaged.
Using the meter on resistance requires NO battery to be connected on the bike.
That's the quickest way to damage a meter.
29 538 Read More
6 hours ago
0 37 Read More
6 hours ago
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Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 11:41 PM
Yes Tony, that's the one.
It's not just about the cost but the form of construction. I've fitted two Lucas/Wassel ones that became loose in 6 months and i had to pin them.

The indian made 6v rotors are ok, i have fitted a couple on triumphs. You must select the 6v 19mm shaft type. The increased depth doesn't matter.
I like the steel outer shell idea it seems a bit of an improvement, if the magnets are shaped to go inside it , it will be more secure.
They look a bit agricultural but seem ok.
28 489 Read More
Yesterday at 11:10 PM
hi folks, looking for an early tank for a WM20 - the one without the RHS cutout

I'm located in Hawaii.
0 15 Read More
BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:42 PM
Just a quick update, I did cut and modify the chrome sleeves and they fit much better now. I took the decision to do it because these aren't the best quality and in time I may well replace them.

The outer face of the sleeve has no step in the profile, not sure if that is correct?

But I can now live with the fit and alignment of the rubber gatters.

9 280 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 10:31 PM
I'm restoring a Rickman DT1 Yamaha Metisse and am trying to lay my hands on the May 1971 copy of Modern Cycle magazine. The April issue had Part 1 of a nice article, but I can't find the May issue to read Part 2.

If anyone can lend a hand I'd really appreciate it.

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Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 08:52 PM
Steve, these gaiters are a really tight fit onto the sliders aka lower legs. So I clamped bottom of the sliders into a vise with soft jaws, and worked the gaiters over them. Then I installed the tubes into the sliders. Someone with more patience and skill than I could no doubt get them on with the tubes in place. Or another brand might go on easier.
34 1,565 Read More
The Triple Forum
Yesterday at 08:51 PM
Well I called Mike at Walridge regarding a clutch cable and described the ball end of the Barnett cable being oversize. He gave me some good advice: "get used to things not fitting. Just file the sleeve a bit..." Good advice--I filed about .006" off the diameter of the sleeve on the ball and it fits well. The new cable is a much easier pull also. So it looks like I have a clutch cable and I am awaiting my Triples Unlimited
ramp bearing mod parts. Now on to the next bit of sorting out !
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BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 08:01 PM
I was going to ask if anyone uses them for enduro or vintage mx, but as this one is pretty much an unmolested time capsule from the early '70's and still retains all of its '67 bits, that is probably off the table.
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