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Feb 13th, 2017
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BSA Bulletin Board
47 seconds ago
double ditto on the tuneable Dunstals.
Ran them for decades and it did make a big difference to the power characteristics of the bike.
To a large extent they got replaced with the rat traps which were really popular with the in line 4 riders.
The replicas did not have a nut in the middle tube but you could weld one into it, but the baffle usually gave up in a few years.
[Linked Image]
This is a stainless replica made by Overlander Equipment downhere in OZ fitted to the 71 A 65L
Looks like it ran best with 3 outlets open
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BSA Bulletin Board
11 minutes ago
If your kick start ratchet does not fully return , that makes a weird noise.
37 757 Read More
The Rod and Tappet
19 minutes ago
I find this sort of extrapolation extremely interesting. Great stuff !
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Norton Bulletin Board
38 minutes ago
You can only try it - if it doesn't work its a gearbox stripdown to fix it anyway...

I think I have done this in the past, and if you are gentle it can work.
That was out on the bench though.
But if the bush is worn and also needs replacement thats a bigger kettle of fish.
1 34 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
44 minutes ago
The JPS cafe racer bikes have a different rear mudguard to everything else,
the receipt does show the correct one ?
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British Motorcycles in General
52 minutes ago
Originally Posted by Rickman
How about the old wrap heavy solder around the spokes idea?

Like this? My TR5T wheels grin

[Linked Image]
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BSA Bulletin Board
53 minutes ago
Looking to buy a couple of new carbs for my 1968 Spitfire, going with the Amal premiers. any thoughts?
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British Motorcycles in General
1 hour ago
I'm way ahead of myself......
Leaving tonite for 10 days on Vacation. (Southern Maine)
Hunting the Giant Blue Fin with the Wicked Tuna guys.
I've met Tyler and the boys from the Pinwheel.
If I do get to see them it'll be from a chase boat, off Gloucester, MA.

Then my daughter comes in to visit with us after I get back in early Sept.
So I won't even try tipping bike over to count teeth until my mechanic comes back on the scene in mid-sept.

But, all this advice and numbers are gonna help me figure it out sooner rather than really later.
21 / 46 is gonna be my guess.
Thanks and I'll be chiming back in towards mid sept.

j dog
34 1,814 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
1 hour ago
I have a 1967 Triumph frame, the swing arm spindle should be more of an interference fit in the frame but the spindle just falls in. Using my telescopic gauge I have found that the bore is about .004" - .006" larger then the .8735" of my spindle and is not round... Question, does anyone know what the bore size should be? Perhaps .8745-.875? I am contemplating of replacing the front frame section at this point. Love to hear your input, cheers
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British Motorcycles in General
1 hour ago
There are certainly some oil coolers with the tubes on the oil side plain— with no turbulators or secondary heat transfer surfaces.
These coolers have very low oil side resistance.
The coolers on the triple however have an array of castellated secondary heat transfer surfaces brazed to the inside of the oil tubes.
These increase the heat transfer performance of the cooler and also increase the oil side pressure drop of the cooler— especially when the oil is cold.
As a side effect 5he internal secondary surfaces also filter out any big crap that gets that far.
The way to get that out is to back flush the cooler as previously described.
You also hav3 to remember that on the triples the cooler is on the return line to the oil tank.
This means that any crap getting through the cooler has also to get through the oil tank strainer (I will not call it a filter!) and also the main engine filter before it gets to the engine bearings etc.
HB— the reason that coolers are treated with more suspicion on a race car engine is that the cooler is situated in the high pressure line after the pump and just before the bearings— hence 3nsuring that the bearings get cool oil.
This position means that crap from the cooler is more likely to get into the engine— hence the propensity to scrap them out on rebuilding a race engine.
All just my two cents worth of course— plus having worked on these old motors for almost 50 years now.
19 471 Read More
2 hours ago
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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British Motorcycles in General
2 hours ago
520 DID X ring chain
[Linked Image]20171024_104845 by Sigma Projects, on Flickr
11 382 Read More
3 hours ago

( You might be able to tell, I'm at work and extremely bored) facepalm
19 673 Read More
The Competition Forum
3 hours ago
Originally Posted by Blown Income

Kevin, You know you could do both and just do a class change while at the track. It would be interesting to see how much faster your machine could go with some Aero aids.

well, this would be easy:

[Linked Image]

already have the fairing and quick-release mounts. maybe it would be worth trying once the motor is out of the woods. riding position would be different, though. right now my helmet is chewed up from the nut on the fork tube:

[Linked Image]

switching to MPS means i'd have to come up with a less radical riding position than what i have now.

31 826 Read More
The Competition Forum
3 hours ago
allan, i went the other way, on the advice of the cam grinder. my cam timing last year was about 101.5/104 lobe centers, which is as close as spit to stock, even with megacycle 510-x2 cams. the bike did 128 mph. because one tooth/one key way on the triumph cam wheels is a minimum of 4.8 degrees, i retarded the cams to 106+/109. no way to go less than that without offset keys or off-spec cam wheels.

this year, with my initial 20/43, my overall ratio was 4.06, and the bike wouldn't pull higher than 5900. tony, our overall gearing numbers always come out differently. i suspect if you calculated mine as you do yours, it would be higher than what i get. maybe i'm doing it wrong.

with 19/43, the overall ratio calculates out at 4.27, according to my math. with that gearing, i got 134 at a calculated 7450. the tach indicated 7600, higher than what my calculator says it was running.

i've just installed 21/46, which is 4.14, by my numbers-- in between. with that, i should get 134 at 7200, if the motor will pull it. more, if it will pull more.

i agree with tony that all the fastest 650s are about at the engine limits. i think who gets to be fastest on a given day is the luck of the draw now. i don't know what else you can do to the heads.

i still have some tuning parameters to experiment with, ignition timing and intake length. but i think my machine is getting close to the max. i think what else i'll get out of it is going to come from rider position and minor aero adjustments.

alp sungertekin gets 139 off his alien 650, but it's got a custom frame and wheels, and doesn't have to conform to modified production limitations. but i really, really want to see how close i can come to that without switching to the altered construction class.
1,165 659,506 Read More
Triumph Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
...hello Stuart; I am not in my house but checking here, in the front brake switch (that never worked) there are 2 white wires and a brown one in the other terminal; then in the sides there s a black one and other that looks like for the oil pressure gauge?

Bear in mind that this is the original wiring but tweaked here and there.

There are no any 4 connector inside the headlamp shell.
13 345 Read More
BSA Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
Hi Goodtry,
Nice find indeed
From the photos it looks to have a much later foot change gearbox fitted
Hard to see but it looks to be a 3 speed from the C range ??

5 202 Read More
3 hours ago
Yes, Wade it is still available. I will send you a PM with contact info. Joe
11 3,111 Read More
4 hours ago
Thanks Jack, like you I'm looking for one for my '67 project.

Bill B...
5 173 Read More
Norton Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
" have a 500ss cases" ?
1.very late model accepts large diameter crank?
2 still twin chain motor (magneto/rear points)? or highly modified to single chain 20M3S style?

Norvil after market 2S grind on twin chain core? only useable up to 20M3 (I have some of these 2S, 4S, & 7S)

"it only clicks when the valve is returning back up off the cam" not sure what this means? valve lifting?or valve closing?

650 barrels? have you checked 650SS barrel lifter bore for sufficient lifter travel clearance for 2S lift? I would expect a jam and bang upon release.
Granted the 2S exhaust is only .015 more lift than the SS(std cam) If I figured it correctly these have the same cam base circle diameter.
Using a base gasket?
8 199 Read More
Royal Enfield Forum
7 hours ago
Hi Don, You probably already know that they seem to be in the parts list as 49 and 50, chaincase level plug and fibre washer. Why chaincase and not crankcase? But it looks like they are designed to empty the crankcase and the oil tank chambers.
1 44 Read More
7 hours ago
Got it. Sorry for being pokey!
1 50 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
8 hours ago
Originally Posted by barncobob
my 69 BSA T shifts 1st all the way down,higher gears shift up
my 74 Norton C shifts 1st at the top and other gears downwards

invariably i will shift into the wrong gear if my mind wanders

is there any cure to adapt one or the other

A reverse pattern cam plate is available for the Commando.
6 132 Read More
Members Bike Projects
8 hours ago
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
.For those with time on their hands, molasses will remove rust...takes a few weeks. .

Have you tried catching a mole? and what do you do with the rest of him once youve finished? Or do you just give it instructions of where to rub its bum? wink

I have used Eastwoods Rust Remover from Frost restoration, it was fine on anything I applied it to. Also used dialuted phosphroic acid too, you can use it neat but fine diluted if your not painting it on.

13 355 Read More
British Motorcycles in General
9 hours ago
I believe on a Brit Bike 650-750 twin street bike in good tune, if you treat the throttle with respect, rolling it open rather than snapping it open like a kid on a two stroke dirt bike, the response is just fine...
11 370 Read More
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