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British Motorcycles in General
26 minutes ago
You could try one of these from alliexpress. If you like doing stuff yourself. It's a DC-CDI that's normally crank triggered so needs two trigger lugs on something rotating at camshaft speed or the advance will not come in early enough. They have about 25degrees of adv at the crank. The trigger pulse coil is around $10 DC-CDI around $10-15 with a coil, and you can get a wiring plug set to wire it in. You would need to mount up the pulse coil and make a rotor to switch it. This part is the most difficult it needs a small and consistent air gap. I have two of them on a twin.

This is with triggers aimed down. This works good except for end float in the T/gear, I made a housing and fitted a little ball bearing to fit on the shaft of the old auto adv thing and the plate with the pulse coils when fitted pushes the gear lightly eliminating end float. I cut an extra hole in the plate so I can see the bolts I use to trigger it. They can thread into the plate with locknuts, its better with round screw heads, then you can adjust the air gap by painting the heads of the screws with a texta seeing when the pulse coils (or coil in your case) scratch it then move them down away slightly.

[Linked Image]

Using allen headed steel screws on the rotor may be a better thing but adjustable makes it easier.

[Linked Image]
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Ariel Forum
34 minutes ago
Originally Posted by RPM
Keep making a list so I can copy it.
In no particular order, leaving out most of the obvious items (e.g. a socket set), keeping in mind what I remember you already having (e.g. TIG welder), and making no claims that I might not have forgotten something:

all special tools, jigs and fixtures that were used in rebuilding the bike
Stellite 6 filler wire
Inconel 625 filler wire for buffer on which to add Stellite
5356 filler wire for Birmabrite, in case you ride a Vincent next time
oxyacetylene torch
die grinder with polishing attachments (for finishing any emergency Stellite repair)
set of carbide burrs
silver solder and flux
small bench grinder with standard and SiC wheels
lathe with 4-jaw chuck
set of pre-ground HS and/or carbide cutters for lathe
dial and test indicators with Noga-type holder
(2) ea. 8" & 4" C-clamps
battery-powered impact wrench
brake line tubing bender
250 mL plastic disposable beakers
20cc disposable syringes
DocZ rollers
Neway valve seat cutters and mandrels
balancing rollers
blind bearing puller set
soft jaw covers for vise
cable ferrules
12 ft. inner Bowden cables in all relevant ODs
Felco cable cutter
pre-made clutch, brake and throttle cables
solder pot and flux
thread file
260/200 W soldering gun
butane-powered soldering iron
rosin core solder
several spools of 16 AWG insulated wire
wire stripper
crimp electrical fittings with crimper tool when soldering isn't practical or convenient
portable oscilloscope with spark plug probe
clamp-on DC ammeter with 39.99A scale
LCR meter with 0.01 Ohm resolution
coil tester (e.g. Merc-O-Tronic 98)
6V/12V battery charger
Corona dope
stereomicroscope on articulating arm
eye loupes
pop rivet tool with 1/8" pop rivets and 1/4" drill bit for sheet metal repairs
steel sheets pre-drilled for pop rivets
5-min. epoxy
EZ Turn petcock lub
Lubricam cam lub
spare rings, valves, guides, springs and valve keepers
larger and smaller main jets than currently installed
Kit containing altimeter, RAD meter and Mikuni jetting calculator
new needle and needle jet (pre-measured)
delglazing hone
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British Motorcycles in General
56 minutes ago
"just stalls when the throttle is twisted idles perfectly with air screw 1 1/2 turns out soon as you touch the throttle it stalls!"

Normally this would be a symptom of too lean a throttle slide cutaway, try going down one size ie, if a 3 is fitted use a 2.5.
Alternatively set the air mix screw a little richer , try 1.25 turns out and see if that helps. The 1.5 turns setting generally advised is just a starting point, not written in tablets of stone.
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AJS Matchless Forum
1 hour ago
As far as im aware all of the factory made 7rand g50 engine cases were magnesium

Many replicas are now made in both magnesium and aluminium.

The oil pump if complete is 2 round pumps in steel if original or alloy if reproduction and a mounting block also made in magnesium

Im rebuilding my original 7R and these oil pump assemblies are very pricey let me tell you
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BSA Bulletin Board
2 hours ago
"Could be from a '46 or '47 C11 ." That is exactly what it is. 1946/47 C11 or C10
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BSA Bulletin Board
3 hours ago
Ordinary coil ignition seems to work fine with a 0.025” plug gap.
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BSAOC International Rally Forum
5 hours ago
Originally Posted by MikesClassics
Just uploaded the final pics to our album
Thanks. That's the first large-scale picture upload so far.
There are a few shots of the Britbike reprobates we managed to round up posing in front of the rally banner towards the end of the album
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Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
Some people have had better gear changes with a modern profile index/quadrant plunger pin. IME there are 3 main profiles, the pointed, the rounded and the wedge, I think they went to the rounded finish. I've never had to do it, others will know better on here.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
6 hours ago
Gentle bending of the studs is the only real way to do this. There are other methods [some you have mentioned], but just use a plastic/neoprene or hide mallet and gently tap the studs.

Before you do this, try swapping the two longer studs around as may find a slightly better fit this way before you begin tapping.
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BSA Gold Star Forum
7 hours ago
M's also have flit top oil tanks and many will "fit" into a GS frame
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The Triple Forum
7 hours ago
Well--- actually---I did mean the triples but-----
I guess there is some read across application to the females of the human species!
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7 hours ago
Hi Kurt---I am in the middle of trying to solve my storage problem.
Also the akkers are a bit short in the bike fund at the moment.
A good buy for someone!
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BSA Bulletin Board
7 hours ago
Originally Posted by Hillbilly bike
Aluminum and steel have different properties ........I have the stock crankshafts in my Triumph racers nitrated...the exterior becomes more wear and fatigue resistant...It's commonly done on high performance auto cranks.Often along with shot peening....Drag racers have transmission gears treated by a cryogenic process..

Nitriding or carbo nitriding is totally different to plain cyro treatment.
In your case you have changed the chemistry of the steel by adding N ( & C in some processes ) which has a physical effect on the crystal structure which is almost impossible to reverse.
In cryo you are not changing the chemistry. just trying to alter the physical state or in some cases the phases present.
Because of this the effects of cryo are easily reversible.
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7 hours ago[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
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Norton Bulletin Board
7 hours ago
not only ugly but,FUGLY
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Norton Bulletin Board
7 hours ago
I bought a set of crappy genuine dunstalls at a swap meet paid $50 for them,i had them rechromed for $100 but the dunstall stamp was polished, off most annoying
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The Rod and Tappet
7 hours ago
Winterized the bike tonight, pulled the gas tank and found the drive side coil had moved rearward-
which caused the spark plug wire to rub on the gas tank wearing a hole in it's insulation. Might have
stumbled on the culprit- won't know till spring though. Will keep ya posted.
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BSA Gold Star Forum
9 hours ago
Dave. the 66 1641 is stamped on my ZB33A, BB31 and BB33 cases. These are all the small drive side roller bearing engines. My ZB34GS big bearing cases have 66 1658. Magnetoman posted the various numbers for the later GS engines and they can be used to help identify fake GS engines built on the non GS bottom ends.

However the 350 GS engines used the small bearing configuration until the CB32GS engine came out.

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9 hours ago
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Monthly Photo Contest Forum
9 hours ago
Here's one I took back around Easter. I was waiting for the ambulance but had the presence of mind to capture the moment. Painful memories eek

[Linked Image]
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BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 11:18 PM
The splined washer (spacer) is for to guide and work as a thrust washer for the basket on it´s outside ( basket is guided on the inside by the thrust washer on the clutch sleeve ) so it won´t wobble regardless of the wear the spider causes in the end plate.
The thickness of the splined washer is ca 2mm and the same amount has to be cut from the end of the spider.. which will hold the splined washer against the clutch sleeve when the mainshaft nut is torqued ( the length of the spider together with the splined washer will be the same as a new spider) . Same 2 mm must be cut from the endplate also, but ca 0.1 mm more than from the spider end.. this for to make room for the clutch centre to move under power ( cush drive).

Hope my explanation is understandable..if not, please ask. And, as I said, information is also in Peter Gascoigne´s thread "A65 clutch basket play".
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 10:50 PM
Isarsfield, you have a PM.
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Triumph Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:33 PM
Nicks can begin cracks and then rod failure.

"powder coating the frame and black parts"?
So much for supposedly "restoring" this bike.
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BSA Bulletin Board
Yesterday at 10:32 PM
I am looking at using a special smart multi-spark coil that is triggered by the points ignition, It is a 3 ohm coil and it requires a resistor wire and plug. I also am planing on installing a new Boyer, this is for a BSA B40 12v negative ground distributer motor. Will the Boyer work with the 3 ohm coil? The new coil even has a LED that turn on when the point are closed and off once they open for static timing.
Thanks Jeff
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The Rod and Tappet
Yesterday at 10:22 PM
I remember hearing the P51s at the Reno Air Races, guess it was 1968.
Super Snoopy was something else!
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