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I recently inherited an old Royal Enfield Interceptor. It has no paperwork so I have been trying to work out which year it was manufactured. From the research I have done I think it is a 1964. Here are the details:
1) Engine number YB15889
2) Frame Number 62765
3) Gear box number AGZ 297.

Any help or advise on how to date this bike would be greatly appreciated.
I think you are right. This will put you in touch with Graham Scarth, he can give a definitive answer.
Good luck
This is a great forum but if you own an Interceptor you certainly should join the Group on Yahoo. And welcome! You have a great bike.

Welcome! To you and your bike. We are always pleased to learn of bikes re-surfacing, and meet their owners. You must have some experience with bikes and numbers to have come up with all the numbers. Please tell us about yourself and the condition of your bike.

The link Don provided is for the Interceptor forum (and, by default, all Enfield twins). As important a group as this one for you both. There is a member of that forum in Seattle and two more in Oregon. I am about 8hrs away, to the NE of you. You may also be interested in where you will see a blurb in the RH sidebar with Graham's email address: [email protected]

The Royal Enfield Owners Club in England has all the known surviving dispatch records for the past century or so, but I think you will find your bike is in a group whose dispatch records are missing. However, it may be possible to find the date your engine left the engine factory in Bradford-on-Avon or Upper Westwood (the B-o-A factory moved about then) on its way to Redditch to be assembled to the cycle parts. The numbers you provided are consistent with other survivors we have recorded, so it is probable your frame and engine left Redditch together. A few of us have been recording survivors as we find them. So far we have accounted for well over 1000 of the 4000 Interceptor 750's built. The numbers you have provided will help fill in the blanks in the missing registers, and helps us verify other machines.

Chris Overton
The bike is a complete rebuild. It was owned by my father in law in Michigan. From the story he told it needed new front forks back in the mid 70's and he put it in the back of his garage never to be touched again. Up until that point it was running fine and everything looks pretty clean. I have it stripped down to just engine and frame and everything is looking really good.
I am trying to find the year so I can get the technical specifications before I start taking apart the engine.
I will join the yahoo group. Thanks for the advise.
Chris added this to the Ozmate site a while ago. It shows the engine is from the 1964 model year.
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