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Posted By: GeeMan614 Professional Repair Shop - 03/02/19 4:45 pm
Hey guys, I am looking for a repair shop to send my 1971 Bonneville head to get rebuilt. Would like so send it near Virginia but will ship elsewhere if no one knows of a quality shop near me.

Thank You
Posted By: desco Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/02/19 5:16 pm
Great to deal with.
Posted By: wildbill Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/02/19 9:55 pm
Don Hutchinson in Mass.
Posted By: henryanthony Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/03/19 3:15 pm
Thankfully, I have not needed the help of an engine builder but, having read this forum for the past 10 years, I agree EV and Hutch would be among my first picks for engineering work.

Another would be Leo Goff at Memphis Motor Werks. Put the following search terms in Google to learn more:

leo goff

Yet another is Rob Hall.
Posted By: Mark Z Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/03/19 4:09 pm
And another, Rask Cycle in Western PA.
Posted By: bodine031 Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/03/19 4:56 pm
Jaye Strait in Mass. @ Brittech
Posted By: GeeMan614 Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/04/19 5:24 pm
Thank you guys for the replies. I really appreciate it
Posted By: Pete Suchawreck Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/11/19 2:59 pm
Rob Hall +1, Leo Goff will be very slow.
Posted By: TrophyGuy Re: Professional Repair Shop - 03/13/19 11:20 pm
Watching Todd on Lowbrow Customs YouTube videos makes me think they know what they're doing. Whether they take in engine rebuilds for non-project bikes would be the question. Todd's six videos on a complete 650 rebuild give me an appreciation for how specialized the work is, even though small scale on a bench top.
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