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fork seals ?

Posted By: tiprat

fork seals ? - 05/29/14 2:49 am

hi guys ,I have a 1969 tr6r ,the fork seal is leaking so its time to fix it , the plan is to leave the forks on the triple tree and,,,,first remove the front fender,un screw the seal holder,then remove the wheel,,then pull hard on the lower leg and remove it,,am I missing anything ??in my Haynes manual it does not show any internal springs only outer springs which I have , the last time I changed the fork oil when I removed the screw cap to fill with oil I had to push the cap down on the inner spring to pick up the tread on the fork tube is this right as its not like that in my manual.allso the front is diving under heavy breaking so in thinking I need new outer springs whats your thinking on this ,if I do get new heavy duty outer springs will I have any trubble when I refit the bottom legs to the forks ,,,
Posted By: kommando

Re: fork seals ? - 05/29/14 4:56 am

Yes that will work, that is until you see the wear on the tube where the seal runs wink

Check you springs against the factory manual figures, if in spec use thicker fork oil as new springs will only help if the old ones are weak.
Posted By: enigmaT120

Re: fork seals ? - 05/31/14 5:28 pm

I don't have any inner springs on mine.
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