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Triumph pix

Posted By: Tri-Hook

Triumph pix - 12/02/07 5:12 pm

My 72 TR-6 Bobber. I just posted on project board.
[Linked Image]
Fun to ride.
All bikes are "Riders"
Posted By: Tri-Hook

Re: Triumph pix - 12/02/07 5:14 pm

Well , let me rephase that.

All my bikes are "Riders" if there running!
Posted By: lit67

Re: Triumph pix - 12/02/07 6:16 pm

Both bikes are great looking!!! I especially like the bobber. Is the hard tail rear frame a custom build?
Posted By: Blapper

Re: Triumph pix - 12/02/07 10:28 pm

Hi Tri,

I have to say that yours is the nicest of its type that I've seen :bigt:

Give us A LOT more details please!

Blapper redwine
Posted By: Tri-Hook

Re: Triumph pix - 12/02/07 11:27 pm

Hey lit67,
Thanks for the comments!
That bike came from pretty close to you ,south of Morton,Il.
Don't tell anyone but I used to live in central Illinois (been down here 15 years)the roads are lots more fun to ride , down here!
I got that hard tail section from e-bay , Triumph- wizard --out of Maryland. He must be close to Gary Nixon!
We done a little cuttin and grindin , but it rides great and straight.
Go to the section on members projects and you can see a couple more pix.
Check that out Blapper, and thanks for comments.
I have lots of pix of that bike in pieces
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