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Posted By: franko 72 BSA B25 Street Scrambler, Georgia $4,500 - 11/16/19 1:57 pm
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To my knowledge , the B25SS model, was only made in 1971. Never have seen the SS model with chrome fenders.
Sales were in a mess in 71 with lots of unsold bikes, most likely a 71 made bike, sold in 72 and titled in 72 as a 72.
Pretty rough for that $$$$$
Originally Posted by bodine031
Pretty rough for that $$$$$

That's an understatement. Priced 2x too high to sell ....

My rule of thumb for buying Brit bikes in the North East:
If complete but not running and 500cc and over:$1500
If complete but not running and under 500cc: $750
If complete and running but showing its age: double above prices.
So the bike in question I would be looking at a price point of $1500.
IMHO he is asking 3 times what I would pay for it.
Just my two cents worth of course.
You are correct Kammando, I wasn't thinking about the time frame, factory in a mess at this time (1971). The paint department could have been closed in 72', and the chrome fenders could have been installed at the factory, making it rarer than the normal painted ones. But still, the condition on this one is priced way up there. The B25 is a great little town, " put around bike", kicks easy, starts great, (at least mine does). Love it!
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