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Far from stock but My Brother and I had a ton of fun building these.. The Red one is mine and started as a 75 Mark III. The black one is a Combat..My apologies to the purist but the 75 was a rusty lump and the Combat was pieces.. Cheers

Mike and Dave Carter
Very nice
I would have liked a few shots of the timing side as well.

Other than that, you have NOTHING to apologize for.
Posted By: Richrd Re: Couple Norton Projects just completed... - 04/13/09 11:02 pm
Ya, he does have something to apologize for. I was looking forward to riding that thing in May!!! Mike's letting his job stand in the way of my fun. Can You believe that?
I am not happy about not being able to go on the ride Richrd..It is killing me..My Bother and I are gonna take the bikes to a leather fest in Leesburg Fla and see how they stack up against the modern Bikes ...should be interesting.. How is the BSA coming? I have the engine out of the cafe and have started ordering parts to fix it.. This stuff is fun ..Ain't it?? I will post some more pics this weekend may have a few more friends going with us

Cheers and Hit 421 real hard for me...I really like that road

Mike Carter
Posted By: JT441 Re: Couple Norton Projects just completed... - 04/16/09 1:44 am
Nice job Mike and Dave. They look pretty cool. Will they be at VMD?
Posted By: Blapper Re: Couple Norton Projects just completed... - 04/16/09 10:44 am
No need for apologies - job well done. :bigt

Blapper redwine

PS I got a 'Malware' warning when visiting that site... Just thought I'd say.
Blapper I believe it is a Data miner..almost all sites I visit have them anymore..I use adaware (free) and clean them up every week .. Sorry man


Mike Carter
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