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Decal location information

Posted By: Jerry Roy

Decal location information - 08/30/19 12:53 am

Howdy all,
I just got my tin ware back from the painter, and am trying to figure out what decals I need and where they should be placed.
I have a '56 DB34 BSA, with the red color that BSA used that year on the oil tank, gas tank, tool box, and headlight shell.
Can anyone tell me where I can find pictures or measurement with locations for all the decals that BSA used that year?
I noticed that the various decals (piled arms, oil level, etc.)come in different sizes and colors, so that information would be helpful as well.
Also, any reliable sources for the decals.
Thanks, Jerry Roy
Posted By: rocketgoldie

Re: Decal location information - 09/01/19 3:41 pm

Hi i have the two transfers for the toolbox & oil tank transfers in waterslide take a look on dealer decals these were made from an old varnish fix transfer the best you can get .
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