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1962 bonny

Posted By: scratchedtank

1962 bonny - 06/28/18 11:03 pm

What is the positioning for the Bonneville120 decal on the

Toolbox cover did some bikes not even have this decal?
Did the oil tank carry the oil warning etc. decals that year?

Cheers Cris
Posted By: Irish Swede

Re: 1962 bonny - 07/03/18 8:50 pm

Sorry for the delay in replying to your request.

FIRST: what color is your oil tank and tool / battery box?
If the paint is BLACK, the decals will be GOLD.
If the paint color is dark metallic SILVER-GREY, the decals will be BLACK.

All Bonnevilles built 1959-1965 had the same particular "Bonneville 120" decal (decal was slightly changed 1966-67, changed again 1968, still again 1969-70.)

The BOTTOM of the "Bonneville 120" decal will be placed about one inch above the horizontal center line of the mounting screw, and the zero of "120" will be directly above the vertical center line of that mounting screw.

Thus, "Bonneville 120" is located slightly forward of the center of the lid.

OIL TANK DECALS I will describe as best I can:
Your tank should not be missing the trim valance between actual tank and the frame for this to be correct.
The "valance" is the piece of sheet metal with the slot that the top mount of the tank peeks through.

"IMPORTANT Drain Oil and Refill" decal is on the valance itself, with it's BOTTOM border line next to the seam,
and the center line of the decal should line up with the center line of the slot for the front top mount of the tank
If you look at the tank from the SIDE, you would be able to read this decal.

The "USE ONLY" decal listing recommended oils is also placed on the valance. It's placed with it's LEFT border line by the same tank / valance seam, and it's top border line sits about 1/16 of an inch below the right-side line of the "IMPORTANT" decal.
This decal will be read by looking at it from the FRONT of the bike, looking toward the rear.

For 1962 models, the proper decal will read as follows (same decal wording used 1961 - 1968)


The "MINIMUM OIL LEVEL" decal on the side of the tank should be located with the bottom line of the decal about half-way down the side of the tank. A common mistake is to locate it too high.
Again, the oil tank decals will all be the same color as the "Bonneville 120" decal on the tool box lid.

I will add to this, the location of the "MADE IN ENGLAND" decal on top of the fuel tank.
This decal is in GOLD ink (why it's not "black," who knows?)

This decal is directly across the tank from the center of the filler neck, with the right end of the decal about 1/4 inch away from the center seam. Photos of original-paint tanks show the factory placed it TOO CLOSE to the seam, and
the letter "D" in "ENGLAND" was covered by the rubber strap by which the tank was mounted.
Correct this if you wish, but that's the way they originally looked.

I hope this information is of help. Best of wishes for a successful restoration.

Posted By: kommando

Re: 1962 bonny - 07/14/18 10:53 am

Valuable info in this thread, so I have made it a sticky.
Posted By: HawaiianTiger

Re: 1962 bonny - 07/17/18 9:23 pm

I finally found the pic I have of a NOS oil tank from a duplex TR6
[Linked Image]Image (154)

Dang, they weren't all that fussy at the factory getting these on straight, were they? Sorry about the fuzzy small pic, but I enlarged it and the text reads the same as Mr. Swede has stated.

I might have a pic of the Minimum oil Level transfer around here somewhere....

Posted By: Irish Swede

Re: 1962 bonny - 07/19/18 5:11 pm

There were TWO "Minimum 0il Level" decals used over the years:

The earlier one used on pre-units was the one with the thinner type-style, and larger gaps between the three words.
That decal measures 72mm length overall length.

I have measured the location of this decal on several original, unrestored 1954-62 pre-unit Triumphs.

To measure, begin with the seam between the tank itself, and the trim "valance," using a tailor's cloth tape measure (for flexibility) so you can wrap the tape around the curve and down the side of the tank.

The BOTTOM of the LEVEL LINE on the decal should be seven inches as measured from that tank / valance seam.
Posted By: Irish Swede

Re: 1962 bonny - 07/20/18 11:34 am

The photo Bill supplied matches my description. That's the way they looked.

Usually there is a gap between the two decals, but sometimes the border of one is placed on top of the other so it appears as one continuous line.
Posted By: scratchedtank

Re: 1962 bonny - 09/13/18 11:23 pm

Sir thank you so very much for this information much appreciated
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