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head identification ?

Posted By: Rohan

head identification ? - 09/08/18 9:46 pm

I was a little mystified to see this head on another forum, and then 'corrected' to be an R12/136

With only 4 fins below the spark plug.
I ask you.... ??

Anyone want to have stab at what it really is.
Prove you know more than the 'eggspurts'...
Posted By: Dave Comeau

Re: head identification ? - 09/10/18 3:35 pm

Lacking all the parts books of this era It is a bit tougher to get information since no one seems to know.
I own one version of this head with the 1.5" stud spacing but some claim there to be a later same style head with 1.625 stud spacing to accommodate the log type splayed manifold.

[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

I would certainly hope the heads and manifolds to both have different part numbers.
All of this pre atlas equipment is very scarce and very hard to get any good info here in the USA.
However you might even notice Phil did NOT identify it by any real part numbers. And so far NO ONE trustworthy has offered anything better.
Posted By: Rohan

Re: head identification ? - 09/10/18 10:35 pm

Thats the head off a Norton Nomad ( or any 600 ?). Has to be late 1950s.

Isn't it identified in Roy Bacons book as such ?
(Its just reproduced from out of a Norton brochure ?)
He mentions they gained more finning around the front - from 1958 ?

Yup, the 58 brochure has this head, on page x
For a 600, so that would make it part number - xx
[Linked Image]

So is your manifold pic for a Nomad, for the splayed twin carbs option - it was on fleabay ?
Or aftermarket - the Nomad used a pair of parallel mounted carbs, on stub inlets.

P.S. I've got a late featherbed parts book - somewhere.
Haven't seen it lately, put it on my list of things to find.

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