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Posted By: Peter B. 1962 Dommie rear mudguard question - 06/15/16 3:56 pm
Did the rear mudguard on the 1962 Dommies have the front left bottom portion cut out as on later bikes, or was it solid all the way down as on earlier versions? My '62 is missing the rear, so trying to figure out which is correct. I believe it is the 'solid' version, but with so many incorrect bikes out there (including Leno's), I want to verify.
Posted By: Don P. Re: 1962 Dommie rear mudguard question - 06/17/16 11:49 pm
Hi Peter,My 1960 slimline has the cutout and I am sure it is original as it came in manxman trim with correct tank,seat,
and rear fender.
Posted By: Peter B. Re: 1962 Dommie rear mudguard question - 06/20/16 10:33 pm
Thanks Don. Interesting. My 1960 99 has the full mudguard with no cutout, maybe the 'sportier' models had the cutout?
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