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Late ES2 oil pump

Posted By: Grant Tiller

Late ES2 oil pump - 11/06/12 8:08 pm

I have a 1961 ES2 (62 model year)

Does anyone know if the oil pump is the same as on the Dommie/Atlas?

The pics look identical from what I can see.

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Rohan

Re: Late ES2 oil pump - 11/06/12 9:15 pm

No - the ES2 oil pump has the oil outlet at the opposite end, when you study them closely. At least you didn't buy one to discover this, as many do !!
Posted By: Rohan

Re: Late ES2 oil pump - 11/06/12 9:17 pm

Maybe I should say this applies to earlier ES2s, I don't what happened in the 1960s, they may have altered the design somehow so it is common to the dommie. Caveat Emptor ?
Posted By: Grant Tiller

Re: Late ES2 oil pump - 11/06/12 9:42 pm

thanks Rohan,

It had alternator and distributor by this point, and shared quite a few bits with the Dommie, hence my question.

If no-one steps forward with a definitive, I'll whip it off at the weekend and take some photos!

Posted By: oilyrag

Re: Late ES2 oil pump - 11/09/12 8:25 pm

Yes its different.
As Rohan says it is a mirror image, but also the body is usually made of Mazak on the singles (although I have seen Bronze ones), unlike the cast iron on the twins and I think the sealing washer seat may be machined differently as well.
I think the gears etc are the same as the 500/600 twins but not the bigger ones.I have a 1962 Model 50 motor and its all the same as my 1959 ES2, I don't think they really changed much after 1947 except the heads and to accomodate the alternator etc.

They're not hard to come by ( the oil pumps, that is) I think anything after about 1933 is the same.
Posted By: Grant Tiller

Re: Late ES2 oil pump - 11/12/12 6:46 pm

We stripped it down at the weekend, and refurbed it.

It's now grit free, and spins smoothly!

Thanks all.
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