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Posted By: stretch7 norton crank in pre unit Triumph... - 08/23/19 1:13 pm
Hi everyone.
This is my first post here, so please bear with me..
A couple of months ago I decided to star building a PU triumph engine from parts with the intention of sprinting it. I picked up a 9 stud TR6 head, which has been gas flowed and last week my crankcases arrived, when I checked the bearing bores they were 72mm, tried a bearing in them and they're spot on, so I've decided to fit a 750 Commando crank in them. I would like to keep the long rod top end but I'm not sure about what rods to use, Any info would be much appreciated!! (Please note that I'm unable to work so money isn't too easy to come by) I have access to a lathe and have been building bike engines for the last 35 years...
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