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Posted By: phantom309 looking for side car rig. - 10/30/13 6:34 pm
Looking for either complete rig or something I can build into a triumph powered kneeler rig. any help would be great. Time for something new, thanks
Soon you will be looking for a trials bike.. smile

Posted By: phantom309 Re: looking for side care rig. - 11/02/13 7:38 pm
oh Ron, go easy on them trials guys ;-) All the race bikes are up for sale . 500 looks to be sold. have one bad a-- 750 but it ain't cheep. Has the best of everything and has proved it. Time to race close to home.
Hi Tim.. hope you find your dream sideee...!! Ya know they race them on the IOM as well.....

If you ever need to throw a leg on a 500 again, holler...

Posted By: phantom309 Re: looking for side care rig. - 02/03/14 8:21 pm
nick thanks but I have one now just have to pick up next week. shipping may kill me on yours :-) hope to make it down there next year to race if I don't sell my 750.
Posted By: old mule Re: looking for side care rig. - 04/28/14 12:03 pm
We would like to see photos of the machine and your work on it.
I really dislike those BMWs and like to see a Triumph outfit on the track.
I liked looking years ago at Owen Greenwood's beautifully engineered Triumph kneeler.

I hope that light weight, lowness, horsepower, and aerodynamic work can put you ahead of those dang BMWs.

Best wishes.

does the bike or team have a website we can follow?
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