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Posted By: EG57 Gone Racing - 07/03/05 12:44 am
I'm all loaded and ready to head out at 5am tomorrow for 2 days of 1/2 mile AHRMA racing. Tomorrow will be at the fast cushion lime stone Circleville, Oh track and then Monday at Bellafonte, Oh for another one of those fast cushion tracks. I'm excited to see how the little Sonic B25 is going to do against some of the fast Hawgs, Bulls and Cams in the Classic 250 class. The Trump has been running strong and this will be the first race in the Classic 500/750 AHRMA Nat'l event. Wills KR is usually the bike to beat and kudos to Joel Kath for showing us he can be beat earlier this summer. That's encourgaging and quite the defeat.
If your at the track come by and say hi, I'm hard to miss with my purple van and bikes 57c.
Updates when I return......
Posted By: Dave - NV Re: Gone Racing - 07/03/05 2:01 am
EG57 ... Have a great time! We envy you... Our visit/ride on the Circleville track last summer sure impressed me. I'd not seen such a smooth fast and really wiiide 1/2 Mile in my (limited) experience. Sheeze, a guy could crash twice and not run out of track! It's great that there are MC only (no cars) race tracks like Circleville and Ashland still around.

ooohh, feeling sorry for ourselves not being there. Had I mentioned pitting on mowed lawn grass (fer chris sakes!) at both tracks?
You Midwesterners know how it should be done that's for sure.

By all means tell us the good and maybe gritty stories about your adventures on your 'tour'. The Good, perhaps a little Bad and but we don't have no interest in that 'U' thing.

On the Gas, Turn left and have a Biggo Grin! That's what it's all about eh?
dave - NV
Posted By: Britbodger R.I.P. Re: Gone Racing - 07/03/05 12:08 pm
Wished I could be there to watch EG.

Good luck against George Wills. I was very impressed with George Will's aggressive style at Ashland last year. Even more impressed that Joel has beaten him since :bigt: .

Was really looking forward to watching to Goerge and Joel go at it at Ashland this year. Oh well.. Now at least we've got EG to cheer on. And (no offence Dave laugh ) but he's riding a Triumph cool ! Should mention that I like both bikes and realise that a 500 Triumph is usually the underdog when up against against a well prepared Goldie.

Posted By: Morgan aka Admin Re: Gone Racing - 07/03/05 5:17 pm

Believe me whan I say I did drowl while reading about your tour.
I almost contacted you to ask If I flew in from Sweden I could follow you from July 3 to 18'th

6 races in two weeks and also Mid-Ohio, that would have been a great tour for me too wink

Got a bit like a child thinking about it...

God speed and high revs
Posted By: EG57 Re: Gone Racing - 07/06/05 2:51 am
Dave, Britbodger and Morgan thanks for the support. Morgan you are welcome anytime you want to come and tour with us.
Circleville is a track to envy, that is one fun place. However a little ripple developed in turn three and made for some interesting enteries eek but we all got thru it fine. The 250 class had some fast bikes. In the heat race there were 3 of us that broke away from the pack, a Bul, HD and my BSA in that order. I wasn't quite geared right and couldn't pull the rpm's needed out of the corners but once she got wound up Yahoooo, to bad that was at the entry of the corner, yikes! I would pull up to them in the middle of the turns but could get the pass to stick and ended up 3rd. I was happy knowing I was running in 3rd gear and was hanging right with them. It would help if I got off the line a little better too. In the feature for the 250 class again the three of us broke away, this time the Bul had a couple bikes on Ol Marv and myself. We had one great ride. Again not pulling enough r's out of the turns I drove it in like I knew what I was doing and would pull up next to him even get half a bike in front and just could keep the rpm's up enough to beat him out of the corners. We'd go flying down the straight and he would start to get out in front when all of a sudden here comes my Beezer up next to him on the outside. We were grinning from ear to ear it was a lot of fun and a great show for the crowd. Well going into 3 I new it was my last chance as we are coming around to take the checked and I put it in there like there was no tomorrow and thought this time I had him I was a full bike in front when I drifted high into the deep(er) stuff and now it was a drag race to the finish. Side by side all the way down the straight he finanly pulled me across the finish to take second and I got third. What a ride. We were both excited after the race and got to gether to talk about it. It was pure, clean and close racing just like they pay big buck to see.
The 500 class had a lot of fast bikes there. But I was pumped. My luck I draw the fast heat with Wills and the other fast HD's. I pull the little Trump up to the line in the heat and off we go. I get a good start it's looking good when opps I miss my shift into 4th just as we are entering the turn, wait, wait, wait, zoom, zoom, zoom by they go, finally my rpm's are down enough I can get it into gear. Hmmm I've got some ground to catch up. My bike was pulling hard all day and felt great. Sure enough I catch up with 5th and 4th place guys in turn 3 got one then the other as we are exiting 4. I'm in third and several bikes behind second and he's several bikes behind Wills. These were 6 lap heats and 8 lap mains. So I barrel down and after a couple of turns I've got second place, we battled for a turn and then I got a great drive out of 2 down the back strectch and pulled away. Now I've got my sights set on Wills the only one in front of me and time is running out. Oops that was the white flag we just went by. Tried my hardest to get close to him but I had to much ground to make up in a short amout of time and I finished second. We took fast heat and so I'll start 3rd in the feature. So it's prime time and we are all at the line. Nothing like that feeling of those engines rumbling and the hair on the back of your neck standing straight up. Oh yeah back to the racing. So the flag drops and we off again just like the heat another good start and I'm right with Wills and then it was Dejavue again, I've got to work on making sure I shift all the way thru 4th gear. Man I did it again in to big of a hurry and missed my shift. What a rookie. Well there they go a whole had full of them and it was play catch up again. I picked off a couple but just couldn't get up there to make anything interesting. I ended up 4th and not to disappointed. I can run with these guys, I'll get them tomorrow at Bellefontaine.

Day 2
Both days were awesome weather, a little hot which dried the track out a bit but nice and sunny. Now this track I had to do some second takes and several talks with myself about running it. It was quite a bit narrower then Circleville. Matter of fact probably the most narrow track I've ever seen and we are racing on this? Fence on the inside, fence on the outside and no room for error. Hmmmm this should be interesting. In the riders meeting it was a mandatory slow lap for everybody to get a look at the track. What's that tell ya.??? help We practice and it's not as bad as it looks all though coming out of two it was constantly coming out and trying to grab ya. Everybody was talking about it. So it's time to line up the 250's for the heat. Hmm same fast 2 guys as yesterday right beside me. Here we go and were off, all 6 laps you could throw a blanket over all three of us as we broke from the pack. Again with the rpm issue and a little clutch problem I'd catch them in the corners on this narrow track trying to go 3 abreast around of course I'm on the out side and it was a little deep. Same-o-same-o, the whole way around except this time the HD beat the Bull. Coming in after the race I pull'd my cluthch and snap something let loose, now I have no clutch. Well I didn't have time to look to see what happened I had to get on the 500 and up to the line. So I got lucky this time only a couple fast guys in my heat, a few new faces too. Off we go and I got a great start but a HD got a little better start so the two of us break away and off we go. Third lap I finally pulled up outside of him in turn two and dove under neath him coming out of 2 and pulled him down the backstretch into 3. Got him now lets make some breathing room. The bike again pulling hard off the turns and I'm flying today. Open up a hugh lead and got this in the bag no problem. Then out of no where my bike rev's in turn two and got my attention. Coming out of two down the back my engine races on with no drive. mad I throw my arm up thinking somebody is going to be coming by when down the back nobody come by me as I'm coasting until turn 3?? confused I was out front a ways. I pull in after everybody goes by and shut it down. Man all I had to do was 1 lap and 1 corner more and I would have had fast heat for the day. After cooling off and gathering my thoughts I looked at the damage. On the 500 I broke my primary chain and busted the outside cover so I was done for the day with the Trump. OK now what happenend on the 250. I broke my clutch cable and no spare, up and down I go trying to find one, finally the guy on the Bull who I have been racing the last couple of days offer a thingie- a majig to fix it and I tried but no luck just didn't work. So I didn't finish first on the track but I'm pretty sure I was the first one packed and headed home. I did get a few brownie points for showing up early at home with the family so we could watch fire works together.
I stayed for the my class features and the two guys on the 250's put on a good show. The 500/750 class had several stops. Turn two jumped out and grabed a HD rider I think he's ok, he was a front runner too. Then Jack Warren got around Wills and Wills trying to catch up in one tossed it away and another red flag, second one. Finally they got it finished with Warren finishing an easy first. That guy can ride! 60+ yrs old too.
Now Springfield is 5 days away. Busted case on the Trump and I need cable and clutch for the 250. Doesn't look good for Springfield. I should however be ready for Vintage days. I'll be on a mission. There's a slight chance I can make Springfield but at this point I'm not counting on it. Until next race.....

Dave on the Good, bad and the u... My beater van got me there and back (good). I didn't make the features due to mechanical issues,(bad) and the ugly it's was the start of my racing tour this month and doesn't look like I'll be racing the mile. I'll get them at Ashland though.
Posted By: J in KC R.I.P. Re: Gone Racing - 07/06/05 6:51 am
EG, great blow by blow report, when do we get to see the pics? :bigt:
Posted By: Britbodger R.I.P. Re: Gone Racing - 07/06/05 9:14 am
Fantastic report! Almost like being there cool .

Really looking forward now to Ashland to see that little Trumpet hand it to the Harleys not to mention seeing the BSA 250 in action as well.

What a shame Joel won't be there. What a spectacle it would have been to see Dave's Goldie, EG's Trumpet and George Wills on his HD battling for the lead. Oh well.. maybe next year.

Thanks for the report. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Posted By: kboyd Re: Gone Racing - 07/07/05 1:40 pm
Right on! Too bad for the primary troubles on the 500.. Would of liked to see you pull out a nice win on that beautiful bike!

I guess a nicely sorted 500 can hold it's own on the track, eh? clap

Good luck getting things back in order...

Posted By: EG57 Re: Gone Racing - 07/08/05 1:24 am
Well, after a close examination on the Trump, it doesn't look like it will be making the trip to Ashland. Lets see, wasted clutch basket, drive sprockets, engine case, outer engine cover anything that was inside the case. RATS! Looks like the little 250 will have to make the trip alone.
Posted By: Britbodger R.I.P. Re: Gone Racing - 07/08/05 10:41 pm
Thats a real shame frown . What with Joel and Dave not going to be there and now your Triumph's problems. Was really looking forward to it as well.

You must be feeling really disapointed EG. What a bummer!
Posted By: EG57 Re: Gone Racing - 07/09/05 1:18 am
You have no idea how disappointing this is. The Trump was running great and I was so looking forward to Springfield and Ashland. I guess its just that much more incentive to finish my Sonic Gold Star. Ordered a tank yesterday smile and sent the head off to get it fixed up properly.
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