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Jerry Branch R.I.P.

Posted By: bodine031

Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 01/08/19 2:19 am

Branch Flowmetrics. Guru of cylinder heads
Posted By: Denis J

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 01/08/19 3:57 am


Literally thinking today "i need to look him up about his 1970 interview with Cycle"

Rest in peace Jerry...Thank you for your contributions

Posted By: Denis J

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 01/08/19 3:59 am

AMA Article

Jerry Branch AMA
Posted By: hacksaw

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 01/08/19 4:06 am

RIP JB!!!!!!
Posted By: 21inGoldie

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 01/12/19 6:29 pm

I remember going to Branch Flowmetrics with my dad in Signal Hill (Long Beach) many times during the early 70’s. He had flow tuned several heads for pop’s flattrackers that we raced at Ascot Park in Gardena, RIP Jerry!
Posted By: John Maloney

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 02/03/19 3:09 am

One of the industries finest and I cherish having a Rickman with a 750 Triumph with his handy work. RIP
Posted By: Samsmc1

Re: Jerry Branch R.I.P. - 02/14/19 9:42 pm

R.I.P. Jerry
I have a set of Ducati 900SS heads that we bought in the raw from NCR in 1978 that Jerry ported for me.
He was a genius when it came to flowing a head!
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