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Posted By: lace remington t160 battery - 11/14/19 10:31 am
battery now only showing 11v, wont take a charge, bike still starts on kick, but need to get a new one, any recommendations for the t160.
Posted By: PFribley Re: t160 battery - 11/14/19 2:32 pm
Get one of the sealed type. No vent tube!! If you have deep pockets look mat the lithium ion ones.
Posted By: lace remington Re: t160 battery - 11/14/19 2:38 pm
thanks, never thought of that, i'll check them out, what specs do you reckon,AH and all that
Posted By: Jerry Roy Re: t160 battery - 11/14/19 3:21 pm
Originally Posted by PFribley
Get one of the sealed type. No vent tube!! If you have deep pockets look mat the lithium ion ones.

You might want to check with a battery expert. I think the Lithium ion batteries take a different charging rate than lead acid type. and if charged incorrectly, can explode or burst into flame.

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Posted By: Esmerela Re: t160 battery - 11/14/19 4:23 pm

I would avoid LI. Motobatt offer top value for money and they are really stable. See link below.

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Posted By: DMadigan Re: t160 battery - 11/15/19 5:04 pm
There are lithium batteries made as a replacement for lead-acid type without any extra charging control needed. I bought one to replace the 4AHr used to help kick start the Wenco triple with a 225CCA lithium when I added the electric starter. It has a button indicator showing charge. However, even when it shows full charge it will only provide enough power to run the starter about four times before failing to start. The engine was not run between attempts, just demonstrating the starter. It appears that although it can supply 225CCA it cannot do it for very long. They do not rate batteries in Watt-Hours which is more indicative of its quality.
Posted By: lace remington Re: t160 battery - 11/15/19 6:31 pm
cheers D, that's good info, probably go for a motobatt as Esm' suggested, I can't make out why bike batteries don't last as long as car batteries, I know bike batteries were rubbish years ago, but by now you would think they would be more reliable/last longer, I know bikers that buy a new one every year!
Posted By: Tridentman Re: t160 battery - 11/15/19 7:47 pm
I used a Motobatt in the last T160 I bought a battery for.
Not sure of the designation now--I think it had a "12" in it.
Suggest that you measure up the space available (L X W X H) and then cross check these dimensions against those of the manufacturer you are thinking of buying from.
Try to get the biggest battery you can that will fit in the space available.
Also a battery with terminals on the side as well as the top will make installation easier.
Ref reliability of batteries----they all seem to be made in China these days and quality/reliability seems to be a real crapshoot.
A friend of mine with a classic car had to try three new ones before he got a good one.
Posted By: bodine031 Re: t160 battery - 11/16/19 3:00 pm
Deka & HD YTX-20L solid posts, pos. terminal on the left facing forward, (no 12V hot near sidecover) mucho CCA to fire a waste spark EI
Posted By: Stuart Re: t160 battery - 11/17/19 8:07 am

Originally Posted by lace remington
battery now only showing 11v, wont take a charge,
need to get a new one, any recommendations for the t160.

After my last original Lucas T160 battery finally expired in the mid-1980's, I used the same Varta batteries that Les Williams fitted in his Rita-ignited Legends (as you might know, anything mechanical/electrical Les changed on those bikes was for reliability); they were 11Ah (Amp-hours) and the last ccA (cold-cranking Amps, for electric-starting) I found on the Varta website was 90 ccA.

Closest modern 'maintenance-free' battery to the Varta in both Amp-hours and physical size is the Motobatt MB9U; however, that produces up to 140 ccA. If you'd like even more ccA while still not filling the space allowed for the original Lucas battery, Motobatt MBTX12U can produce up to 200 ccA.

Both of those will allow you to fit the battery with the +ve terminals closest to the sidepanel and drive-side frame seat tube while attaching the cables at either the front or the rear; attaching at the rear (ideally having a ~3" longer battery-negative-to-starter-solenoid cable) allows much easier refitting of the sidepanel.

If the Motobatt Vile Yellow colour offends, Yuasa YTX14-BS is a similar physical size to the MBTX12U, if slightly lower Ah and ccA (though still higher than the aforementioned Varta). It only has two terminals and, if fitted with the +ve terminal beside the sidepanel and under the frame tube, the terminals will be towards the rear of the carrier.

I've never known any electrical unreliability with a MB9U until it gets very old (10+ years old); given the MBTX12U and the Yuasa produce more Ah and ccA, can't see why they'd be any less reliable. Given standard engine cc. and compression, never known any need for a battery a similar physical size to the original Lucas.


Posted By: lace remington Re: t160 battery - 11/17/19 5:36 pm
excellent, now I have 3 to pick from, thanks stuart.
Posted By: Tridentman Re: t160 battery - 11/18/19 12:06 am
Thank you, Stuart, it was the Motobatt MBTX12U that I fitted.
In trying to get the bike running I had big problems with a Boyer unit and the battery was given a big work out at that time with repeated attempts at starting.
I then decided to fit a Trispark and it was obvious that the Boyer box had been the culprit.
The battery turns the engine over very well.
With the Trispark fitted it almost starts before my finger touches the start button!
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