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Posted By: DMadigan 5Deg Inlet Stubs - 05/21/19 12:33 am
Made a set of 5 degree intake stubs for the T150 when adding the starter. It lifts the carbs enough so the bowls do not have to be changed to the drainless type and enough room for a cover over the starter (important fire deterrent).
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]
Posted By: tridentt150v Re: 5Deg Inlet Stubs - 05/21/19 1:16 am
This would mean that your air cleaner would hit the sidecar ring? I have std straight mani's and a datebox/hurricane style [Clive Scarfe actually] air cleaner and there wouldn't be 1/2" clearance. Of cause if you cut the sidecar mount off then you would have heaps of room.
Posted By: DMadigan Re: 5Deg Inlet Stubs - 05/21/19 7:57 pm
The lift is barely over 1/4" so it should fit? I think the gantry couplings can be shortened a little to move the carbs closer to the head.
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