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joe hunt mag & swept back pipes. is this possible?

Posted By: seanalex

joe hunt mag & swept back pipes. is this possible? - 12/30/18 5:05 pm

Hello Hello,

I've been lurking this site for quite some time, and have just finally registered myself.

I've recently picked up this Unit Triton, which is fitted with a Joe Hunt Mag. I'd really love to get these swept back pipes fitted, as the lines of the pipes work well with the tank/frame. Only thing is the right side doesn't seem to have enough clearance with the Mag sticking out. It's really close, but unfortunately doesn't clear the housing.

Is there any way to extend the exhaust port by say an inch? So the exhaust can mount more forwards to the front of the bike? Just to push the whole assembly forwards. Here is a pic of the non mag side, will try to get one of the mag side today

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Rickman

Re: joe hunt mag & swept back pipes. is this possible? - 01/01/19 2:22 am

The two ways I can think of, is to
1) Ask an exhaust pipe maker [ and NEVER ask Armours for anything! ] to make some swept back pipes with the mag set-up so the pipe goes either over or under the mag, and I'd bet you'd want it under the mag...

2) _IF_ you can find a welder you trust, and realize you will have to have the chrome redone, heck, you might even get the chrome removed first, do the math to get the piece of tube long enough for your "inch of extension", get the extension[s] welded in place, mock it up back on the frame and get the mounting tabs re-positioned, then rechrome and mount them up.

3) IF you are a capable welder yourself, order various bends of steel or stainless and build a set of sweptback pipes for your own custom look?

..... You will need to worry about "birdshit" globs of weld filler at the welds inside the pipes for flow properties... If you use option #2, the straight piece will allow you to file or grind the inside of the pipe clean... Maybe run a hone at the last to be as clear, clean, and round as possible, but not so long as to make the pipe thin...
Thin equals quicker bluing/discoloration of the pipe's chrome...

It's too bad there is no way to find easily, anyone who has the new type of tubing bender I once saw on a video.
The demonstration video showed a shop with one. Insert a full 12 foot or more length section of tube, and any bend or curve was possible as the machine forced the tube through the forming dies of this machine. Simply marvelous.
Posted By: kevin roberts

Re: joe hunt mag & swept back pipes. is this possible? - 01/01/19 6:33 pm

if you can make them yourself, cone engineering will sell you all the stuff you need. their tubing is mandrel bent, so it doesnt squeeze down in the curves.
Posted By: konon

Re: joe hunt mag & swept back pipes. is this possible? - 01/02/19 4:01 pm

By the way, that's a nice looking bike.
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