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External springs


External springs - 09/09/18 2:37 pm

Good afternoon can anyone offer advice on a external spring modification I am doing on roadholders.Ive got commando sliders(drum brake)with short roadholder stanchions and have got 9 1/2 inch long external springs the problem I have is when they are assembled it’s like the springs are too long as I have to compress the forks to get the top nut on and then it seems as though the stanchions are at there maximum travel and they knock when on the rebound only thing I don’t know is that is the commando slider longer than the pre commando ones.Any help much appreciated
Posted By: kommando

Re: External springs - 09/10/18 8:34 pm

You need to know the spring rate of these springs and the gap you are trying to fit them in or how much shorter than 9.5 inches of is. You need some preload so the static day with rider is 1/6 of total travel. If the preload is too much you will top out to soon, too high a spring rate will do same.
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