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Raber's Parts Mart NO RESERVE PUBLIC AUCTION Aug 4th.

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We will see at our next Auction in 2018
- Jerry and Dee Wood
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Wonder if one guy will pick this all up or if it'll get spread out?

I think Mitch Klempf bought the Domiracer, Moore's, and JRC inventories when they retired/went out of business. But maybe he's parts-saturated now and needs to convert what he's got to cash.

Or MAYBE he'll corner the entire market of BritBike parts and CONTROL OUR UNIVERSE BWAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA!

I believe British Cycle Supply bought about half of the Domiracer stock.
Their warehouse used to be about 5 miles from where I live and on one visit when I was there to pick up parts they were unloading a 40ft container--which they told me was part of the stock bought from Domiracer.
I think Mitch Klempf bought the Domiracer, Moore's, and JRC inventories

The bulk of the Domi Racer inventory went to Baxter and Mark Smith of British Cycle supply. Mitch isn't that interested in oriental reproduction parts. Domi had a lot of parts for European bikes, but because the liquidator allowed pre-auction buying the Europeans didn't buy the airplane ticket. There is one thing that kills a deal like this is liquidating the cream before having an auction. Leaving the stuff no one wants for the auction rarely does well for the small business owner.

Jeff Moore had a well planned exit, and executed it over a long period, burning down his inventory leaving little but dust on the shelves when he closed. Being one day away by UPS he would take an order and call us for the bits he didn't have. Then fill the order from the shelves and the parts we sent him. Mitch bought the web site and a few of the left-over bits.

Jerry has been doing this for years, and very at good setting up lots that interest the small buyer, collector or dealer, giving all a chance at buying some bikes or inventory. It takes at least a week to ten days for his crew to inventory and lot a job like this. This will not be a deal where they bring in a hired commercial auctioneer the day of the auction, who sells houses, and has no idea what he is selling. He is also quite fast which allows for more lots, and upsets the guys that want to grind him by trying to slow him down.
Well, no chance for Mitch to corner the market, then wink wink .... "...oriental reproduction parts" ouch ouch. blush

Here's hoping the parts get spread around to all those, present company included, who can help the hobby! :bigt
i saw the same thing happen with Indian in the 1970's. pre Kiwi. the small guys retired or more likely died off and their stuff became concentrated in the hands of a few. only we didn't have the internet to track all of this. and indians weren't bought up to be parted out like the triumph breakers are doing today. remember the old saying "parts is parts" .
i loved domi racer. always looked forward to their poster/sale cats. the web site also was great.
Please note that Raber's is not closing. Their service department will still be open but they will no longer be selling parts.

From their posting on Facebook:

Dear Raber's Customers,

Effective immediately we will no longer be selling parts. We will continue to offer service and repairs of classic Triumph, Norton and BSA motorcycles, engines and engine parts through our restructured service department.

Our complete inventory of parts, new and used will be sold at auction on August 4, see details here:
. Included in the inventory auction will be many of Bob Raber’s personal motorcycles.

We appreciate your support over the past years and we look forward to serving your repair and service needs in the future. We are working through our previous appointment backlog and will begin taking new service appointments after June 18th. To schedule an appointment, please call (408) 998-4495 and leave a message.

We will also be making changes accordingly to our website
, and eBay store rabersparts to reflect our change in direction, with no further parts sales taking place.

We realize this may present an inconvenience for many of our regular customers, and we appreciate your patience during our transition period. Our service department will remain open, and we look forward to serving you in that capacity.


- The Raber’s Crew
Seems odd that if they're going to continue in the service business, that they'd have a big auction selling off parts?

Looks like you'd want to have your own parts stock on hand so when you're working on a customer's bike, you don't have to spend time ordering it; you can pull it off the shelf, charge for it, and get the service bill paid sooner ...

Maybe they're keeping all the normal service parts and selling off stuff that you don't use when you're fixing a bike for someone.

If the various reports that Bob Raber is retiring are correct then I would guess that the "$2.5 million at retail value" of parts is his retirement nest egg and he wants to convert it into hard cash---maybe the best part of a million bucks?
Just my two cents worth.
Story of my life--he has a million bucks--I have to get by on two cents.
Well--it is a Brit bike forum--so give me a bit of room for some Brit humor!
what you wrote t-man is actually humorous so you're joking about Brit humor (spelled 'h u m o u r') of course

Dana--I was born in England and moved to US 17 years ago when I was 55 years old.
No prizes for guessing how old I am now!
When people ask me if I speak different languages I say "Yes--I speak two languages---English English and American English"
So--Sometimes I am humorous and sometimes I am humourous--and sometimes I am neither!
Nice to know you t-man!
I did sort of the opposite only earlier. Born in the US but lived in 'Blighty from 1981- 96 (not military) before coming back to the US, mainly for the dosh (which could still be made, at the time)
You know what they say about England,... you curse it while you are there but miss it when you are away.
However the folks I know (still there) tell me to definitely stay away! smile
Nice to know you too, DanaMan.
Yes--I still miss some things about England--the damp mornings, the green fields, the scenery and the beer.
I have a sister and her husband there and I have two sons in England.
They come here and I go there.
I was last in England last year but before that in June 2015 (by coincidence I was there for the TT!).
But strange thing on that visit--for the first time I felt as though I was in a foreign country.
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