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Posted By: Andy Higham Norbsa - 09/10/20 7:35 pm
This is really cool

Posted By: GrandPaul Re: Norbsa - 09/10/20 8:44 pm
I'd sure like to see it with the seat in place. VERY tidy workmanship...
Posted By: Servodyne Re: Norbsa - 09/11/20 9:05 am
Very nice. The Electra engine looks a whole lot prettier in the oif BSA frame than the frumpy 1950's Francis Barnett Norton frame. Very well done, what does it run like?
Posted By: triton thrasher Re: Norbsa - 09/11/20 3:20 pm
Originally Posted by Servodyne
what does it run like?

A bag of nails.
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