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Posted By: Geoff Moto Giro East May 24 - 26, Sturbridge, MA - 05/15/19 5:14 pm
Any Brit-Bikers signed up for the event? After missing two last year I will be trekking over to Massachusetts next week with my mighty Greeves - at least that is the plan right now. Anyone else participating?
Geoff, sorry for the slow reply. I'm not a member of this fold anymore so I don't post on here often at all. I've been rethinking the Moto Giro and canceled my spring entry. I wanted to have my B44 sidecar rig ready but that didn't work out. I'm not planning to attend another one UNLESS I can talk some friends into joining along. To be completely honest I've attended 4 and so far have never actually felt like I fit in with them. I'd say maybe 5% of the attendees have been welcoming to a newcomer like me. Maybe if I was better at the skills sections that number would increase???? There are a couple of folks that are considering it.....Richrd out in Neb and one of the NC Ton up fellows..( Jay ).....If I can get them to join and with counting you and me that would make four of us and IMO it would really help to make a more enjoyable weekend.

I got to thinking that maybe it was me that was the problem but just recently joined another group (different hobby) and ALL those folks welcomed me with open arms......just the way this site/group was for years. I like the family attitude and knowing someone's got your back if you're in a bind.

You have fun out there....sorry to have backed out but it wasn't meant to be this time......keep your feet up....your wheels spinning and the women grinning. Hope our paths cross soon.

Gone and mostly forgotten......................Gordon in NC
It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I kind of feel the same way as you do about the Giro. And I was a big proponent of the event. The last one that I did was Fall of 2017. The battery on my Suzuki blew up (lithium-but that is another story), and it took almost 9 hours to get rescued. I was not happy. I had a health issue for the Spring of 18 Giro and couldn't have gone if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. Haven't been since. Haven't felt like it.
The last few that I was in just didn't seem as fun. For one thing it had become much more competitive. A pretty large contingent are retired racers. Funnily enough, my observation is that while the retired racers are competitive, they aren't in your face about it. The guys who either never raced or younger guys who want to race are the ones (the wannebees)being real aggressive. I always enjoyed this as a bunch of old farts gallivanting about the countryside on silly little old bikes. Then folks started taking things a whole lot more seriously.
I see most of the folks doing this are either doing it as part of a group or are part of a clique. When I was doing it with my pals it was a lot more fun. Nobody was unfriendly when I started doing it alone as my pals dropped off, but there wasn't the same camaraderie. I very may well do it again. Still have my Giro bike. But just haven't felt the same desire.

Ed from NJ
Ed....out of the 4 I've attended the only one I felt the least bit welcomed was the one you and I spent time talking in the parking lot and that was because you were there......a friendly and familiar face. I was looking forward to continuing that during dinner. You got left by the side of the road and I sat with folks that it seemed like I had nothing in common with?????

Probably just me.......but without backup I'm not going back. I have all the gear pop up, coolers, chairs to make a comfortable parking lot pit....just want some friends to share it with.

You take care and hope our paths cross at Mid-Ohio.

Your friend in NC Gordon
I am there! smile

My wife and daughter even chase the route and act as my own rescue vehicle, which I have needed the three times I went. I was originally looking to do the Giro with my 'club' / group / whatever in NY but no one ever bothered to build a bike - so I have been on my own all 3 times, which is why I was hoping some of you lot would join me.
Yep and I let you down.........I'm trying to pull something together for the fall event. We'll have to wait and see how it goes. You have fun....the route has ALWAYS been a blast. AND.........just a few seconds before Dave Roper comes flying're out IN FRONT OF HIM!!!!!!!

Take care and report back......maybe it'll peak some interest.....ya gota poke these folks on here sometimes but once you got their attention......they're a great bunch to be around.

Are you planning on Mid-Ohio this year? If so, I am going and I am sure I will see you. I am also planning on going to the OVBSAOC's shindig in August. Went for the first time last year and had a great time.

Mr Ed......yes I'm planning on being at Mid-Ohio this year. Picking up some jap bits from a vendor and looking for some other bits and pieces. I.'m credit card camping and will be spending most of my time at the swap. I'll do my best to make sure our paths cross. I've been to several of the OVBSAOC events and have ALWAYS had a good time.....laid back and well attended.

Take care......see ya soon. Your friend in NC Gordon
Something has come up and I will now be forgoing the Giro as well - another entry fee down the tubes... I plan on coming over to mid-Ohio this year looking for Puch bits, I will try to hook up with you lot then. smile Maybe I can convince everyone for the fall Giro in the Catskills... If there is at least three of us that is almost a team.
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