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Posted By: Prospect

New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/09/19 5:29 pm

Firstly a quick disclaimer, I haven’t posted on here as I’ve been too busy and photobucket was messing me around with pictures but finally here is my new bike post!

After dad gave me the Harley it meant I had the money for a second bike, I wanted something for work and need to go to the big smoke daily, so it needed to be something modern to cope with emissions rules etc, something interesting and something that was different in feel to the harley.

I’ve always had my eye on adventure style bikes as they just looked fun and when I saw Royal Enfield were coming out with one my interest was piqued.
When I realised they were available brand new for the same price as a 2011 triumph 800 I knew I had to at least go and test ride one.

I arranged a test ride about a month ago and went to see if they really were as fun as they looked.

It was absolutely pouring with rain on the test day, typically after a dry warm week, but I was really excited, I walked into the dealership with a beaming smile, the bike was outside ready but the dealer asked if it was ok to not come out and show me as it was raining so hard!

[Linked Image]
That was PERFECT for me as it meant no hard sell, just me and the bike in typical british weather...perfect.

I fired it up and had an hour to play with it, after about 5 minutes I felt absolutely at home on it, the rain eased and the hour flew by, I even cheekily rode by my parents house which considering I hadn’t said anything to dad about it made me chuckle!

[Linked Image]

I rode back to the dealer, walked into the showroom and said “I’d like to buy a brand new motorcycle please!” … I then paid extra to get the panniers, picked which colour I wanted and the registration plate from a list, money was handed over and I had a week to wait.

That day I saw Dad and told him so he could help me pick it up...I said I’d bought a bike and that he should get which company...I was certain he already knew what I was getting but it was about the 9th manufacturer he guessed so obviously a massive surprise!

The following week we picked it up from the dealer, and it felt amazing pulling away on a brand new motorcycle after all the struggle and effort to get to this point in my life!
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We rode back to his house and it was with great pleasure that I handed over the key to let dad take the bike across single digit threshold and into its first 10 miles on the clock!
[Linked Image]

Three weeks later and it’s got 600 miles on it and has been filtering through london traffic, I’ll get some photos or video of that when I’m more settled, but for now I’m just enjoying riding it too much!
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Posted By: raf940

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/09/19 6:11 pm

very nice keep us posted with yarns/pics as you get more time in saddle
Posted By: kurt fischer

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/09/19 6:14 pm

Thanks for the great write-up. I don't really need encouragement to get another bike, but this would probably be it smile

I've started following this world traveler on a Himalayan:

Posted By: J. Charles Smith

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/10/19 12:10 am

Itchy Boots is incredible. I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago. Dutch woman traveling "around the world" and doing a great vlog about it near every day. She is fearless and adventurous and telegenic as all get out. Here's another example (picked at random)
Posted By: BeezaBryan

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/10/19 5:26 am

Thank you Kurt for introducing me to Itchy Boots thumbsup
Posted By: Kent Shaun

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/10/19 6:48 am

Been watching Noraly from day one when she bought the Himalayan in India... thumbsup

And once I get me one, Prospect will make a vlog about our adventures. Think we'll call it.... Athletes Foot and Mouth go walkabout.... grin

It'll start with Prospect holding up he's phone to the camera, hello internet, he'll say it's 7.30 in the morning...

Then the shot will reveal me still in bed, and I'll say, bugger off I'm still sleeping... laughing
Posted By: Lannis

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/10/19 2:05 pm

Looks like a great choice of bike ... hadn't heard from you in a bit so we (I reckon) was wondering whether the bug had bit good and hard, looks like it has!

I'm getting behind, I know "blog" from "weblog", but I don't know "vlog", sounds Dutch ...

On yer bike then mate, shouldn't be a road in Britain you haven't rolled over soon .... !

Posted By: No Name Man

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/10/19 2:59 pm

Nice one Mark. makin yer old Dad proud
Posted By: Tasman

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/12/19 12:38 am

Vlog= video log. Nice one Mr Prospect! I would love to have one of these but first I'll have to find some way of hiding it from the boss lady eek Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
Posted By: Dibnah

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/12/19 5:37 am

Originally Posted by Prospect


[Linked Image]

I like the interior design, it's given me ideas for redecorating my front room, thanks.
Posted By: ricochetrider

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/13/19 8:49 pm

Mark, congrats on the new ride, man! Nice bike.
Posted By: Don Leaming

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/15/19 5:00 pm

Congrats on the the new wheels. I would be interested in how she turns out long term.
Posted By: ludwig

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/18/19 8:28 pm

This guy did a 43 000 km trip on an old Royal Enfield :

..and wrote a book about it.
Posted By: wadeschields

Re: New bike day- ROYAL ENFIELD HIMALAYAN - 06/19/19 1:53 pm

Looks like a nice bike . Congratulations .... Must have good build quality too if Noraly is doing what she is doing on one.... I will have to watch from the beginning since she is new to me as well.... Maybe I can ride the Victor around the world shocked
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