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Posted By: Swan John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/12/19 5:17 pm
John Haynes, the creator of the Haynes manual series, has died. Haynes manuals have kept every car and motorcycle I have owned running a long life. There is even a Haynes manual for the Millennium Falcon.
Posted By: Jon W. Whitley Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 1:05 am
Yes, RIP John Haynes and I for one am forever grateful for the manuals that were produced to help the home mechanic like me to be able to take the information provided and apply it when maintenance and repair needed to be performed on my various motorcycles and autos. You certainly made such a great impact for so many in this world and you will never be forgotten among those of us who dared to undertake the challenge of working on our own vehicles !
Posted By: kevin Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 2:00 pm
i started out with haynes, and clymer too. thats all there was.

i was frequently puzzled by the omissions, but i still have em and sometimes use em too.

lol often to look up the corrections and notes i wrote all over them through the years
Posted By: MikeG Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 4:32 pm
[quote=kevin roberts]
i was frequently puzzled by the omissions, but i still have em and sometimes use em too.

Haynes manuals...AKA the great mystery novel series laughing
They always did seem to leave out at least one small but vital piece of information, but the pictures are always clear and helpful. I think I have a Haynes manual for every vehicle I've owned over the last 25 years or so on the shelf in my garage.
Posted By: R Moulding Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 5:49 pm

I always found the most useful part to be the pictures, pick up a Haynes manual when you are removing a dashboard and there is almost always a clear picture of that one last bolt holding it in. Apart from that I found that since they performed most operations " With the engine on the bench " they could make some jobs somewhat over complicated.

An enormous contribution made to the world of DIY vehicle maintenance in any case.

Posted By: Irish Swede Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 6:18 pm
ANY information is better than NO information.
WRONG information is WORSE than NO information.

Once upon a time, Hayenes offered a cash prize to anyone who discovered a mistake.
One of the first replies came from a reader, who gave Haynes a "freebee",,,

"Page XX: Picture is UPSIDE DOWN."
Posted By: Tridentman Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/13/19 6:19 pm
I agree with Rod.
In my early days of bike maintenance in UK the factory workshop manuals and parts lists were not available as they are now.
The Haynes manuals were invaluable---particularly in terms of the photographs.
The old saying is that "a picture is worth a thousand words" and the Haynes manuals were and are a good example of that.
These days they are frequently maligned for their mistakes.
However we now have factory workshop manuals and parts lists readily available as well as internet forums such as this.
Without these things it was truly a situation where any information was better than nothing.
So--thank you John Haynes and may you R.I.P.
Posted By: Hillbilly bike Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/14/19 11:37 am
I don't have any service manuals for vintage Triumphs.. I use knowledge from repairing Chevrolets ..I do have a factory manual for my two Ducatis...It's written in 6 languages and the English translation still sounds foreign..
But I did use a Haynes or Clymer manual the first time I repaired a Triumph...
Posted By: ricochetrider Re: John Haynes RIP (Haynes manual) - 02/16/19 9:05 pm
I've almost certainly had a Haynes manually revery vehicleI ever owned. Mr Haynes, ya done good and I thank you. May you rest in peace, sir. Your legacy is intact.
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