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Folks it's coming up on year 2 since we lost our good friend Craig Holder....known to most of you as Bonzo.

His little sister contacted Morgan and is asking for help finding a T-shirt she remembers him wearing when they were kids. A navy blue t-shirt with a white Triumph logo. I want to find this shirt for her and give it to her as a gift from the site. She still checks in here from time to time to help her remember her brother.

So.....I've started looking...PLEASE if you have connections/links/addys/names PLEASE PM me or email at [email protected] I'd rather not post information to this thread because she might go ahead and get the shirt herself and I want US to give it to her.

Thank you in advance.... RIP Bonzo my brother and friend

I just typed in "blue triumph t-shirt" on fleabay and there's a few of them. You will certainly want one with the vintage logo (not new Triumph logo). What size does she want - to fit her or the same size Bonzo wore?
There must be other sources - eBay is almost too easy sometimes - and they are on the pricey side.

THANKS for the quick reply. I've been searching but haven't got to eBay yet....but I'm headed there now. :bigt

I tried Metro Racing (best shirts IMO), Lowbrow, Triumph and a few othere...I can find the shirt but not in Navy.

Pricey???? Take a look at prices on Triumph's web site crazy

I'm not sure of the size yet (she wasn't asking us to purchase it for her...just help finding one) but let me go look at the ebay sales and see what they got.

Maybe we can put a package together with some other "gifts"........ you know, Bonzo reminders...I know I have a few to add to it.

Thanks again.....Gordon

Thank you Al.......just what I/she was looking for.

You're right...sometimes eBay is too easy. blush

RIP Bonzo.....your friend Gordon in NC
Thanks for the's a done deal and his little sister (who by the way is a REAL HOTTIE!!!! blush ) will be getting her shirts ASAP.

Thanks again for helping out.......Gordon

RIP Craig Holder...01/16/66 06/05/12
Gordon. I just saw your request for a stockist of the shirt. I would have certainly joined the "hunt" had I of seen this earlier.

What some (many?) of our members here don't know is Gordon and Allen (from England, no less) each sent a T to my 4-yo niece during one of her many surgeries for arthritis in her normally tiny knees.

Rest assured, my friends, the gesture has NOT been forgotten.

Glad you found one to fit the bill. I'll try to be quicker next time!

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