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Hello fellow Britbikers,

I thought I had better re-introduce myself to everyone as much has changed in my life. My name is Bob and I am a is a great part of who I am. I have been riding British motorcycles since I was 12 years old ....and that was a LONG time ago for sure! I do not believe I have ever met a motorcycle of any type that I could not find something to like about it. If it has two wheels and a motor I am a happy guy.

I started with the classic British twins such as Matchless, Triumph and BSA ....but found my true passion with British single cylinder motorcycles....Gold Stars in particular. I have spent more than 50 years riding, re-building, restoring, racing, wrenching and collecting British motorcycles and parts.

I worked as a mechanic for many years and then went into the lumber business and spent the rest of my working career in that wonderful business. I finally retired in 2009 as my health was failing from the hard working schedule/lifestyle of the lumber business/logger.

My health was poor as a result of that lifestyle, cancer and then a series of small strokes. I went to live in a medical care facility where I addressed my problems one at a time and brought my self back into the world of the living. I am extremely happy to have survived and have changed my lifestyle so as to continue in a productive manner the rest of my days. My family stood by me throughout this time and many of you fellow Britbikers sent me letters of encouragement and support and I sincerely thank you for that.

One of my joys in life is helping others in this great hobby. I have a wonderful library full of books and manuals backed with 50+ years of hands on experience and I can tell you what works and what won't more often than not. Please feel free to contact me at my email address: [email protected] I am happy to help you in any way I can answering britbike questions or looking for parts to help in your Britbike project.

I still have my wonderful old workshop and it is still full of Britbike parts...mostly good used stuff..but just sitting on shelves waiting to find someone's bike and get it up and running again. Most of my remaining parts are for Triumph twins but I still have quite a few BSA vintage single parts on the shelves as well as a bit of this and a bob of that. If I can help...let me know...I am ready.

Besides my Britbike passion, I am also a guitar player/abuser/notsogood lover of rock and roll and the classic blues and a Bluegrass picker and old tyme country fan. Chances are..if it looks like a guitar...I like it.

My other love is cameras....any kind..all name it. I love the way they look, feel and sound. Nikon is my brand of choice.

I am clean...sober...and healthy...and I plan on living and riding Britbikes forever....that is my story and I am sticking to it.

I am so incredibly happy to rejoin this wonderful community. May God bless you all as richly as He has blessed my life.

Britbikes forever,
Washington Bob

Bob, it's great to see you back and in fine fettle. I have enjoyed many of your tales in the past and hope for many more.

Good luck to you

Welcome back Bob, good to hear that you are in good health and spirit again.
Willpower and support from your family and friends must have helped you a great deal to get you through this dark period.
Hope you will do many miles on your goldie in the beautifull state of Washington ,of which I have fond memories.
I have spent six months at the Boeing plant in Everett for my job several years ago.
Hope to read more stories from you in the near future.
Bob, my two older brothers are great guys, but you inspire me like the brother I never had.

In some ways, you filled in the hole in my life when my younger brother died. He, too, loved all kinds of bikes. It was a great relationship - he'd buy a bike, get tired of it, see a new bike he wanted, and sell me the old one at half price!

It's going to be great hearing the ongoing tales of the guy that sings to trees and fettles his trusty BritBikes (and occasionally cooks fish on the shore for his mates, just like Jesus did).
Bob- If I was any closer , I would be honored to have you show me how to fix my Goldie. I am sure its not the hard to replace a holed piston but being a Goldie I don't want to mess it up. Or miss a simple thing that makes it go bang later either .... But That will have to wait since this new gig has me so busy there may not be any travel in my near future. Make hay while the sunshines as they say. Between Cameras, bikes, musics and just loving life, we would not stop talking long enough to work on the bloody bike anyway.
Yours is an interesting story that has many twists, with a couple common threads, that bind them all into one. I welcome your return to this community. Glad you've survived it all, and have come out cleanly on the other side.

Cheers, man!
Glad to hear you're back and kickin', Bob.
I admire your good spirit Bob.
All the best from this side of the pond.
Welcome back Bob. You have been through a lot and we sure are glad you are back and doing well. Can't wait to hear more tales of old blue. Were you ever able to find that antique camera you were looking for a while back?
Welcome back Bob! Looking forward to some tales of adventures!
Welcome back!
Bob -

Never thought we'd hear from you again. Glad you're back!

Hey, look here. I've read hundreds of your posts and enjoyed them all, been on the ups, been on the downs, mourned for 90 year old Velo Don ....

I know people that know you ... I've bought parts from you ... I know you're out there ....

But I don't feel like I KNOW you like I know some of the other guys and girls here. Many here, probably 50 - 100, I've been at rallies or on rides with. Others, we've shared pictures or family things or photos of us on our bikes. I guess, from your Email, your name is Bob Dodson? If you're a private person, or maybe an Aborigine who doesn't want your soul stolen in a photograph, maybe a picture of the bikes and shop, or like that?

Anyway, just trying to put a face to a name like we ALL like to do. Hope things continue to go well for you, and I'd love to hear about a ride through the redwoods on a damp misty day on a Goldie ... !

Hi everybody,
Thanks to you all for welcoming me back. To answer Lannis name is Bob Dobson and I live outside the town of Covington in the foothills of Washington State. While I love to take photos of people and places, I will admit to being a bit camera shy myself...been like that most of my life. I will try to do better and share more.

While I was undergoing medical treatment and rehab I directed my family to sell my motorcycles and pay off all bills I had that were outstanding. I did not wish to pass on and leave them with a financial burden.A very special friend of mine in the lumber industry stepped up and bought my small collection of bikes for my asking price. This transaction allowed me to finish my medical treatment and leave the care facility and return home debt free. I sold all of my britbikes....including Old Blue. Blue now has a caretaker that will ride him regularly and can afford to keep the collection intact. I sold the bikes but kept all of my vintage parts/books/junk/mementos and my small workshop.

The important thing was to take care of my family's needs first and I did what needed to be done...absolutely no regrets. I feel we are only caretakers for our fine machines until our time here is done and then they go on to a new owner.

All that being said, I am sure another Britbike will find its' way into my life. I have plenty of spare parts and will probably build myself a Triumph Twin of dubious pedigree...kind of sounds like fun to me.

I will be spending much of my free time working on cleaning up my workshop and fixing all the stuff that went bad while I was gone and organizing my vintage parts into some kind of order. If anyone out there is looking for a british part or just some advice, drop me an email at [email protected]

Alot has changed in the hobby while I was away from it..that's fair..because I also changed alot. I believe that I am a better man than before and I look forward each day to seeing what I can do to help others in this hobby.

I look forward to hearing from my many old friends here on the forum.

Tell me you didnt sell the fishing poles!
Bob, so glad you are doing well... and back on the boards...! Your words are an inspiration to me.... Hope I can find similar inner strength.... You are loved for sure..!

Bob Good to see you back I share all the sentiments expressed here by others.
Haveing had some medical issues myself, can appreciate your tenacity and fortitude.
Stick in there boy!!

Bob, I hope you pointed the way to BritBike.Com to Blue's new owner!

Hmmmmmmmm... Triumph twin...

(I have lots of spares for those if you need anything)
Good to hear you are still online Bob! smile
Hey Britbikers,
Yep....still have the fishing poles and the "special" lure that Tasman sent me.I am without a doubt the worlds worst fisherman but I really enjoy throwing the lures at them.I am looking forward to fishing a bit has been too long!

I am having some difficulty writing this tonight because Lucy, my big old girl Maine Coon Cat is sitting in my lap and wants me to scratch her ears and pet her. I think she missed me while I was gone. Lucy and Eddie have been constant companions since I returned home...kinda nice to be around them.

Old Blue is in good hands and doing what he was built for....running the open road...regularly. and that was something I did not think I would be able to do even if I did survive...which I did. Blue's new caretaker is well aware of and looks in from time to time.

I am going to try for as much time as possible in my shop this coming and organizing...I have a feeling there are still some treasures to be found out there. And after having 3 strokes it makes finding stuff I forgot I had just like finding it for the first time....BONUS!!!

Most of all...I want to catch up with all of my old Britbike friends and find out what has gone on in their lives...I missed so much while I was being repaired. If any of the britbikers that bought parts and such from me in the past are reading this...please contact me at [email protected] and catch me up on how your project came out and where it is going. I apologize for forgetting some names and dates but a stroke will do that to you and I am much better now.

And I hope if you all don't mind if I drop my 2 cents into your topics from time to time. I want to become an active member of this forum once again and contribute.
I hope you all have a great day,
Originally Posted by Washington Bob
Hey Britbikers,

I want to become an active member of this forum once again and contribute.
I hope you all have a great day,

Never you fear about the "contribute" part, you contribute as much as anyone on this board. Thanks!

Hey WaBob, Nice that you are back among us, and as always a thoughtful post. Makes me think every time.
I guess at some time every one has to give up their riding due to age, illness, injury or marriage. 'Twill be not far down the road for me, too.
I'm glad you came out of this round alright and look forward to more of your posts...

Bob, I know what you mean about the BONUS when you find cool old stuff in your own shed!

One of these days, by golly, I'm going to find a brand new in-the-box Norton Production Racer headsteady that I paid $200 for and immediately misplaced!
Hi everyone,
I had planned on working in my old workshop today but it was just plain too cold today. The little wood stove needs some repair soooooooooo.......I just stayed inside and worked on setting up a little office in a spare bedroom. I put up two of my big old oak bookshelves/cabinets and a couple of 6ft portable tables along with a couple of old office chairs...voila!...almost instant office/library. Biggest is nice and warm in here.

I unpacked boxes of my books that were in storage and started filling the shelves...couple of rows of motorcycle books...couple rows of Gun Digests...couple of rows of camera/photography books..couple rows of guitar/amp books. The place is starting to feel like I live here again...very nice indeed.

I am so happy each day just to be able to enjoy whatever the day has to offer and to see if I can give something back. I volunteered to be the "official" photographer of The Black Diamond Historical Society. It is a museum about coal mining and railroading...I am sure I will be able to get in some mischief there for sure and I am volunteering over at the Kent Senior Center and hoping to teach a basic guitar class. Seem like lots of us boomers still want to learn to abuse a guitar. I know the basics and I am sure I can find someone with real guitar skills to help out...should be fun a couple of times a month.

Service to others is a blessing for me...I get a great joy from sharing the few things I can do and in the doing the smile on my face is testimony to His grace on me.

Keep wrenching and riding Britbikes,
Hey Bob, long time no hear. I am glad to see you back, hopefully on all 8 cylinders.
"Triumph twin of dubious pedigree"...that's my kind of bike!

I love my bike but have had to put it on hold off and on in long stretches to take care of my wife and her mystery health troubles. I'd never touch a bike again if I could get an answer or a fix tomorrow. In the end, even the best stuff in the world is just stuff compared to our loved ones and it sounds like you're set up pretty good as that's concerned.

Again, welcome back and I'm sure we all look forward to what comes next. I may well lean on you in the near future for parts and/ or advice for my dubious twin -- a sixty-six, eight, nine TR6.
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