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Posted By: Paul G80 North East America - 12/10/09 9:41 am
I hope everyone is o.k and coping with the horrendous weather you guys seem to be lumbered with.

I saw the pictures on the news this morning and made me grateful all we have to cope with (so far) is rain.
Posted By: MikeG Re: North East America - 12/10/09 4:17 pm
Hey Thanks
It was a pretty good winter till now too...rode into work just last Friday. Low 40s F but nice just the same. My part of New Hampshire only got about a foot of snow, but its the consistancy of wet concrete. About as heavy too. I'd rather see 3 feet of powder than this stuff. A pain for sure but not as catastrophic as whats happened over your way.
Posted By: ricochetrider Re: North East America - 12/10/09 4:29 pm
walked out of the theater i was working in a couple nights ago to find it to be a white-out...
we only got a couple of inches out of the deal but we, too, had the heavy wet stuff.

we are almost sub-tropical any more down here...
if you watch the weather lines, there is a line which almost ALWAYS runs right through our area, right in the middle and just north of the maryland line in's a total crap shoot- the weather here could go either way...

the bigger storms that affect us mostly pop up out of the south-south west, running right up the shenandoah valley into the cumberland valley. rarely does a storm make it over the mountains of western PA to dump on us.
Posted By: George Elston Re: North East America - 12/10/09 6:21 pm
West and midwest got the brunt of it. We got about6 inches here but as others say it was heavy. Worst for me was although I tweaked the snowblower before the season it let me down about 2/3 of the way through. It's been acting up off and on for a while. Cleaned the carb replaced some lines etc. Well today I went out and splashed on a new Ariens. I'm too old to mess with equipment in 20 degree weather. Ariens has a good name so this one will likely outlast me. I'll save my fettling for the bikes.
Posted By: Rich B Re: North East America - 12/11/09 12:34 pm

It is winter, it happens...winter has been here a LONG before we were. And the news media makes sure everyone sees pictures of the "terrible winter weather".

Of course, I am a little unhappy about winter these days. Al Bore promised us Global Warming, it was 11° F (-12° C) this morning. I was out looking for my share of GlobaL Warming. Couldn't find it, either Al didn't come through with hsi promise, or someone took my Global Warming eek
Posted By: Britbodger R.I.P. Re: North East America - 12/11/09 1:07 pm
Stop yer complaining there Rich!

Get yer ice racers out and post some photos of yerself in a full broad-slide throwing-up a full rooster of that white stuff!

You has to look on the bright side! grin
Posted By: Dick Harris Re: North East America - 12/11/09 1:41 pm
Morn'n All, It was 12 F. this morning in western New York State. I'm 40 miles east of Buffalo and we get a goodly amount of that Lake effect snow off Lake Erie. They're saying we may get another 6 inches of the stuff and the wind has been up to 50 MPH gusts. Got a call from my "great" neighbors telling me they would be right down to clean us out. At least there is some consolation to being old and decrepet. Dick
Posted By: Graham Ham Re: North East America - 12/11/09 11:06 pm

You lot have it EASY I tells ya. .... 'cos over here it's been WARM and SUNNY the last two days ? ..... errrr...... oh .... I *see* ... <ahem> shocked
Posted By: penna-john Re: North East America - 12/12/09 2:17 pm
my wife was complaining about the winter cold this morning, and wanting it to be over, and i had to remind her that it wont begin for another nine days.we go through this every year,hey dick we bought a new refrigerator and stove this week the ones i replaced were older than me
Posted By: dogbone Re: North East America - 12/12/09 5:20 pm
Installed the chains on my avon snowtire, and studded the front. Screw the nasty Ohio winters, rrriiiiiide !
Posted By: Jim Hultman Re: North East America - 12/12/09 7:10 pm
Originally Posted by Rich B
Of course, I am a little unhappy about winter these days. Al Bore promised us Global Warming,

Ditto that in spades. We've already seen -12F (about -25C) here in Minnesota this week and winter doesn't even start until December 21st!

And last winter we saw -30F actual (not wind chill) with weeks of -20 or colder every day. Statistically, it was one of the coldest winters on record, and I frankly don't quite understand the continued focus on "Global Warming". Other than perhaps making Al Bore even richer with his Carbon Trading company.

Disgusting. sick
Posted By: Mike Muir Re: North East America - 12/13/09 1:27 am
I think I must live in just the right spot. I can see the clouds forming to the south over Lake Erie going to dump on Buffalo. 5km south of me they get 3 times the snow we do. 20km north it comes off either Lake Michigan or Lake Huron if there is any west in the wind, or Lake Ontario, if it has east. Muskoka region of Ontario got as much snow in the last 3 days, 3 to 4 feet, as a normal December. We got about an inch! Cold though, -10c with windchill factor drops to about -20. I still think we get too much snow, but I am not moving.
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