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Head work

Posted By: Paul Sammut

Head work - 11/27/18 4:28 am

Hi all,
I will be removing the cylinder heads from my 1951 Rapide soon, this winter as I am assuming they need valve work (significant smoking on start up and trailing throttle; poor results in leak-down test. I also would like a couple of broken fins repaired. Any suggestions on who does the best work on these? Of course, I will check rings and cylinder surfaces, also
I live smack in the middle of the U.S., by the way, in case there is someone reasonably close by.
Thanks in advance,
Posted By: goodtry

Re: Head work - 11/28/18 5:59 pm


Glenn Bewley is a person who works on these bikes, he's in Tennessee. When you say trailing throttle, are you spaying the revs stay up for a bit before dropping to idle? If so, does it do this when cold or more once warmed up?
Posted By: Paul Sammut

Re: Head work - 11/29/18 4:56 am

Thanks, goodtry, it happens both when cold and even after a good long shakeout at operating temperature. Will contact Mr. Bewley.
Kindest regards
Posted By: goodtry

Re: Head work - 02/06/19 6:03 pm

Would like to find out if you resolved the issue? Please keep us informed.
Posted By: Paul Sammut

Re: Head work - 02/10/19 4:42 am

Hi Goodtry, my cylinder heads, barrels and pistons are in the good hands of Mr. Bewley, as per your recommendation. I await his verdict and expert repairs.
Posted By: Paul Sammut

Re: Head work - 03/26/19 5:47 pm

As a follow-up - Glenn Bewley did some very nice work on my bike parts: cylinders were bored out and upsized pistons provided and the heads were thoroughly gone through with new valves, seats and guides. I have rebuilt it and just had a chance to ride it around my neighborhood thus far. No smoke from the exhaust! Very pleased with Glenn’s work and his readiness to be available for follow-up questions, whether related to his work or not.

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