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Posted By: stanoneandonly Camshaft breather A 65 - 06/05/19 2:49 pm
I'm just putting the camshaft in my A65 (67 Spitfire). The parts book shows a peg Pt No 40-28. What does it do and where does it fit?I have the rotary valve driven with tangs driven from the camshaft. there seems nowhere to fit the pin. Help.
Posted By: Allan G Re: Camshaft breather A 65 - 06/05/19 3:01 pm
The peg fits into the cases and retains a plate with 2 windows (the plate has a cut out for the pin) I’d be surprised if either were missing from the crank case.
Posted By: quinten Re: Camshaft breather A 65 - 06/05/19 5:04 pm
... mostly just repeating what Alan said ,
If you did not replace the bush ... its probably already installed .
Its the plate retainer pin ...for this part ... the stationary plate .
That lives at the bottom of the drive side bush .
[Linked Image]
Posted By: stanoneandonly Re: Camshaft breather A 65 - 06/05/19 5:48 pm
Thanks for the info. Allen and Quinten. Bush and plate still in situ so should still be there.
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