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ET Victor problems

Posted By: AML

ET Victor problems - 05/31/19 9:14 pm

My bike (a ‘67 Victor) suddenly quit while I was out for a ride this morning. No bang, just died at 40 mph, after 30 miles on the road, and running very well. Wouldn’t restart.
I suspected the coil, but when I finally got it home (thanks to a friend with a truck) and tested it I got readings of 1.7 ohms and 6,000 ohms in the secondary.
These numbers seem normal. And I just used an in-line spark plug tester and it lights.
Confirmed the point gap at .015, I was going to check the stator but as I’ve got spark... Carb is good and was just cleaned ultrasonically. Would a failed condenser prevent starting?
So any things to look at? I’m can’t really think what else I should check
Posted By: quinten

Re: ET Victor problems - 05/31/19 9:53 pm

Wait for it to cool . Singles can get finicky to restart when they're hot .

... stuck valve ...?
Posted By: AML

Re: ET Victor problems - 05/31/19 9:59 pm

Wish it was just that, with which I am very familiar. I added a choke for summer stops.
In this case I was on the road, under power at ~40mph when the bike died, and will not restart.
I have compression, compression release required, tho I’ll check valves tomorrow..
Posted By: koncretekid

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/01/19 2:18 am

If you've got spark and compression, it should start if you squirt a couple cc's of gas into the spark plug hole, unless the condenser is a dead short to ground (but then you wouldn't have a spark). Of course I assume you have a new spark plug and it is not already fouled. The bike will start with no condenser, but won't rev up and the points will look like St. Elmo's fire if it does start. My second bike ever was a '66 Victor, and what I remember most was - - trying to restart it when it was hot. I never did figure out why, buy always succeeded eventually, so I didn't try to find out. That was a long time ago!

If I recall, the rotor must be timed correctly to get the spark at the right time, so check that the rotor is tight and has not stripped it's key.

Posted By: BSA_WM20

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 10:22 am

Pull the valve adjuster cap off and have a look at the pushrods
Good chance one is not where it is supposed to be.
If the exhaust does not open you will have lots of compression.

As previously mentioned a bit of whiff ( I use carb cleaner it is easier on the engine ) down the plug hole, just a short shot.
If it does not go bang then check the points cam has not shifted on the taper.

If it does go bang then repeat the process except spary the goo in the carb throat.
If it goes bang again your carb is the problem
If it don't go bang then the valve / valve timing is the problem.
Posted By: Richrd

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 5:46 pm

What could cause a good running bike to shut off?

No fuel. Empty tank, blockage in the peacock, stuck float.

No compression. Major foul up, stuck valve, broke ring, holed piston.

No spark. BROKEN OR LOOSE WIRE!! Bad coil, switch, or voltage.

I,m looking at the third possibilty
Posted By: Steve Erickson

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 6:15 pm

Blocked vent hole in gas tank filler cap?
Posted By: AML

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 6:25 pm

I’ve checked flow from the petcock, at the petcock outlet and a the carb bowl drain. Steady flow ensues.
I had the valve caps and pushrod inspection cover off and the pushrods are seated and the valves are opening (and closing) in the correct order.
I’ll try Trevor’s suggestion this coming weekend and add a drop of fuel through the spark plug hole to see if it catches.
If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll order a replacement/spare coil. They’re cheap enough.

It’s ET so there is no switch or battery, only 3 wires (the other 2 are for lighting) from the stator to points and coil and ground. All tested ok with a multimeter.

Thanks to all
Posted By: quinten

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 7:16 pm

Does the Victor use a dowel ... or rotor key
To locate the rotor ?
Posted By: AML

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 9:15 pm

The stator is keyed. I took the primary cover off in order to really grab on to the stator and make sure it’s on tight and didn’t slip or come loose from its center.
Stator is tight and Timing is still right on.
Posted By: quinten

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/03/19 10:12 pm

continuity , from coil ... lost when the Points open ?

The points cavity wiring space is a bit cramped .
The coil wire connection to the points/condenser stud can
Twist or twist-off a strand of wire and ground out . ?
This would cause a short if this was a battery ignition.
But with the ET ignition
it would just prevent the points from breaking the shunt-circuit ..?
Posted By: AML

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/22/19 8:59 pm

Thanks to a generous Britbike (thanks Corvus!) i now have 2 new Emgo coils.
Wired it in and I still have no spark using an inline spark plug tester. I installed a new condenser and still no spark.
At one point I used the valve compressor to kick it over and got spark. So I put in a new spark plug and an old spark plug and same thing happened. A spark only using the compression release or the spark plug out lying against the head.

The stator seems ok; I tested only the ignition winding of the stator and got 5.2 ohms between the black/white and black/yellow and both were infinite to ground.
Rotor is solid and in place on the crank.

I’m not an expert by any means but I I don’t think I missed anything obvious. I have an extra rotor I can swap in but it tests at the same values.

I’m open to any ideas
Posted By: Magnetoman

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 12:43 am

I just skimmed through the posts in this thread. Unless I missed it, nowhere do you mention checking the timing. If the timing slipped when you were going 40 mph the bike would abruptly die.
Posted By: Richard Phillips

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 1:12 am

I’ve had issues with rotors magnetism depletion. This can be sent to Joe Hunt magnetos for recharge.
You should be able to hang the rotor from a screw driver in all locations.
Posted By: Dave Martin

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 4:55 pm

Just read the post where you describe only sparking when decompression lever pulled or spark plug out ………… Hmm, have you checked for chafe on the plug HT lead? Personal experience! Seriously you would not want to know how long it took me to spot. If fact only spotted it when trying to start the damn thing at night, saw the arcing.
Posted By: AML

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 5:38 pm

I guess this proves I’m definitely not an expert, and I write this dejectedly.
At MM’s suggestion I checked the timing, with a degree wheel and it was spot on.
I figured I may as well check valve clearances; they were a little loose but as I turned the engine over to double check them I noticed the exhaust valve wasn’t moving.
I removed the pushrod inspection cover only to find the cap on the exhaust pushrod missing, and by missing i mean presumably in the bottom of the tunnel.
I can’t imaging what damage there might be.
Engine out, when I can bear to.
Posted By: triton thrasher

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 5:46 pm

May not be much damage.

You’ll see once the barrel is off, won’t you?
Posted By: koncretekid

Re: ET Victor problems - 06/23/19 10:31 pm

Turn the bike upside down - - it might fall out! Or it could be in the rocker box or on the head. But you'll have to at least get the rocker box off to replace the pushrod. It can be done with the motor in the bike as shown here on Youtube - - this one shows it:
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