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Posted By: nert Head steady - 02/05/19 1:58 am
What is the proper installation of a 1966 BSA Lightning head steady bar? The Service Manual drawing suggests the head steady is on top of the cylinder head casting nub. Is that correct? The Parts Manual drawings suggests that the frame end of the head steady is on top of the frame bracket. Is that correct installation? Where does the steering friction "anchor plate" locate? Under the frame bracket? I cant find any drawing, or photo depicting the proper location. I cant tell by the natural bend of the parts. Neither seem to lineup properly. I suspect mine was buggered.

thank you
Posted By: Mark Z Re: Head steady - 02/05/19 2:14 am
The head steady goes on top of the lug on the cylinder head, and on top of the frame cross member below the headstock.
Posted By: Ola Re: Head steady - 02/05/19 1:05 pm
The friction plate is to be squeezed between the anchor plate and bottom yoke. Make sure you have the correct anchor plate (68-5150). There was a change during the 1967 model year.
The early ones had just a hole in the rear end, for the head steady stay bolt. This was changed when the zener diode went under the head stock. The later plates (68-5185), had a bend in the rear, with a bolt to enter a "new" hole in the front of the frame bracket.

Posted By: nert Re: Head steady - 02/05/19 1:27 pm
Yes, I have the correct plate. No bend in the tail to attach the heat sink. Thank you for your answer.
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