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Exhaust Coating

Posted By: Richard Phillips

Exhaust Coating - 04/11/18 6:32 pm

Anybody use VHT 1500 - 2000 degree spray paint on the inside of your new down pipes to prevent yellowing or blueing.

Posted By: Tony Cornett_dup1

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 12:59 am

Richard I have used a place called Cap's Coating in Fresno. They ceramic coat Follow their instructions for curint and it works.
Posted By: KC in S.B.

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 4:51 pm

Richard, there is a liquid product sold made for that purpose. I bought some but never used it, dunno why. Anyhow, if interested you may be able to do a search for it. I think it was a Blue Away product? Wonder where that jug went.... BTW,.......... I kinda like a bit of blue, but there is no way to limit the extent.
Posted By: Richard Phillips

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 5:48 pm

Blue away is suppose to take away the blue. Well it doesn't! I want an easy internal coating that works to prevent the yellow and blueing. Ceramic coating for the amount of pipes I have is to expensive.
I tried a can of something that was suppose to be used internally but it created a mess, so I tossed it.
A hot rod friend used the paint on his blown hemi zoomies, and now has new headers being chromed to replace the zoomies which he will paint. Was hoping someone tried this on motorcycle down pipes.

Posted By: Keane Lucas

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 7:39 pm

I have used this product and would recommend it -From Eastwood
Posted By: Steve Erickson

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 8:21 pm

I once tried a product allegedly made just for inside coating of chrome bike exhausts, think it was called Dyno (?). White, thick, soupy, chalky kind of. Awful stuff, was blowing chunks of white crap out of my exhaust for months. Steer clear...
Posted By: Fullminator

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/12/18 9:40 pm

Richard, I have done several bikes pipes using this approach. Harley Davidson used to make a solution that was a milky white color, about the consistency of very heavy cream, and also had a sandy, gritty texture. After coating the pipe, I put it in the oven at about 175°, for about 30 minutes, then I coated it again, and again in the oven. The product put about 1/16-1/8" of thick coating similar to ceramic but probably not as durable. Pipes have kept the chrome look for almost 10 years, and I have no complaints as Steve Erickson described with it coming loose. I am sure the cleanliness of the inside of the pipes has a lot to do with this. I applied it on new pipes. Sadly the Harley product is no longer available. But I have also used a product from Kreem, the same people that make the notorious fuel tank sealer kits; it is a blue colored product and is very similar to the stuff I used from Harley, but it didn't seem to work quite as well. Still I have no complaints from using either one. Both products have kept the pipes from bluing.
Posted By: htown

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/13/18 1:40 am

Blue pipes save lives!
Posted By: Tony Cornett_dup1

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/13/18 2:09 am

Richard I just received my xs650 pipes from Cap's look great Cermachrome inside and out $160. Not bad price.
Posted By: Richard Phillips

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/13/18 5:54 pm

Thanks all for the advice I like the Eastwood product and will give it a try.
Posted By: koan58

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/13/18 7:53 pm

It is fun to read reports that pouring a costly fluid into one's exhaust pipes doesn't make them discolour more than usual? How do you know that it has done what it said on the tin?
Posted By: DMadigan

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/13/18 9:55 pm

Blue-away will take off most of the colour but the pipes will never be shiny after that.
Posted By: Gary E

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/15/18 11:25 pm

I am skeptical about the Eastwood spray can product. How does one get it on even and everywhere inside the pipe? I cannot see where it would work on used pipes with all of the buildup inside. Maybe it might work on new pipes.

I used to get new MC pipes internal heat coated at NIC (the manufacturer of powder coat products) for $100 to $120 a pair. The internal coatings help, but do not completely stop pipe bluing. The coatings are mainly to help reduce heat transmission thru the pipe wall where external heat is a concern, ie tightly cowled aircraft engines (like on my Lancair).
Posted By: Richard Phillips

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/16/18 7:20 pm

I always get a kick out the skepticism on this board. Keane Lucas sent me an email on his research of the east wood product and his scientific method of test application and final results. If Keane wants to post his email to me on this thread that may help.
All my pipes are new or re-plated. Once again my hotrod friend spayed VHT 1800 to 2000 degree header paint into his blown hemi zoomies. Works for him./ I like the East Wood idea because you get a nice tube applicator that takes the spray into the pipe.
Posted By: Keane Lucas

Re: Exhaust Coating - 04/21/18 11:58 am

I had my original pipes repaired and rechromed for my RE Interceptor. About $700.
l received the pipes with buffing compound and wheel material inside them.
l rinsed and cleaned as best as possible,and purchased expandable automotive freeze out plugs,
apple cider vinegar,and a quart of grease/wax remover,paint prep.
I would have liked to have found a long handled,cylindrical wire brush,the right diameter,but no luck there.
I plugged the engine end of each pipe,filled them with vinegar,tipping to remove air pockets,and let them hang for a few days.
Drain and repeat with paint prep.Drain and thoroughly dry.

To test the spray pattern-
Went to the craft store and obtained styrofoam balls that were as large as possible,yet could easily roll through the pipe.
Went to Home Depot or Ace Hardware,and obtained a long, clear, plastic tube,used to fit over florescent bulbs.
Bored a hole in the styrofoam ball,passing the spray nozzle/tube through,extending about one inch,to the other side,without drooping.
This centered the spray nozzle in the plastic tube as best as possible.
Did a slow steady pull through on the clear tube,observing the spray pattern,and was very pleased,with the experiment.

All was well,for a few years,until my Boyer went crazy,breaking up all over the place,I limped home,and the pipes had blued,
there is also a small blister on one pipe.It must have gotten very hot.
I use "Blue Job" powder/polish,as it is called,for now.

I will get these pipes rechromed at some point,and use the eastwood product again.
It works for me.
Hope this helps.
Posted By: Gary E

Re: Exhaust Coating - 05/15/18 3:54 am

Thanks Keane for the prep and spray info of the Eastwood product. By your post, I assume the apple cider vinegar got rid of all of the built-up carbon in the pipes?

Based on the prep and install process, for me, I'll stick with the $100 to $120 NIC internal heat coating product.
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