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Posted By: Mike Carter R.I.P. 67 frame question - 04/04/17 4:44 pm
I have owned a few 67 A65's this frame does not have the shroud around neck for key is there one made without this or maybe a bit of a wreck caused previos owner to remove

Description: 67 lightning frame
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Posted By: gavin eisler Re: 67 frame question - 04/04/17 7:51 pm
The down tube end looks crudely formed, was it "chopped" at some point?
Posted By: C.B.S Re: 67 frame question - 04/04/17 10:43 pm
Looks like it has been removed?
Posted By: Mark Z Re: 67 frame question - 04/05/17 3:50 am
Mike the gusseting is more than just for the key switch; it serves to strengthen the frame. No I've never seen a dry-frame A65 without it unless it was removed for whatever reason, usually to modify the frame length or steering angle.
Posted By: Mike Carter R.I.P. Re: 67 frame question - 04/05/17 2:01 pm
All the angles seem to be correct and without shroud no place for the fork lock to go into....looks like I will be metal forming and welding.. I thought it may be an early A50 frame as the number boss is not the same as my other A65's and numbers although matching don't look factory...aurrggh

Thanks all

Mike Carter
Posted By: bodine031 Re: 67 frame question - 04/06/17 12:40 am
My quess it survived the torch/sawsall !! I have a #'s matching engine& frame 69 T-100C. But it's was raked and stretched, hardtailed and hac\s a 16' HD drop center r/rim with a large hole rubber side valve tube. Durfee girder 65" wheel base!! fun brutal riding 70's chopper.
Posted By: Allan Gill Re: 67 frame question - 04/07/17 8:04 pm
Thanks For the photo mike, it's very interesting and useful for
My A50 Daytona project that has some frame changes around the neck and this photo add explanation as to why those changes were made.
Posted By: Phil R Re: 67 frame question - 04/12/17 6:07 pm
I've got a Hornet that came sans the neck shroud. I'm fairly sure this bike was campaigned back in the day and the support tube just under the backbone shows signs (welded area) of having been modified (I theorize) to tighten up the steering angle.
Mark may be correct that this extra gusseting adds some strength to the frame, I dunno but one thing is for sure, it certainly serves to cosmetically clean up the area of the tube welds at the neck. If I ever manage to get this bike back on the road I'll probably run it as is to better monitor that welded area. That being said, I actually acquired a shroud long ago that remains uninstalled. It appears to be from an early version A65 near as I can determine. It's available if you're interested.

The arrow in the first photo indicates the weld on the support tube of the Hornet:

[Linked Image] [Linked Image]

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Andy Higham Re: 67 frame question - 04/12/17 6:28 pm
As the gusset is only attached to the downtubes the amount of strength it will impart is about 50% of nothing.
My gut feeling is it's just cosmetic
Posted By: Boomer Re: 67 frame question - 04/12/17 6:41 pm
The gusset is also welded to the steering head, so yes it is meant as reinforcement.

Bill B...
Posted By: Allan Gill Re: 67 frame question - 04/12/17 8:20 pm
That sure looks like a raking out as opposed to just a repair, the head steady mount on the frame also looks like it's been moved forward too.
Posted By: Mike Carter R.I.P. Re: 67 frame question - 04/13/17 6:58 pm
Phil I sent you an email ...thanks

Mike Carter
Posted By: Mike Carter R.I.P. Re: 67 frame question - 04/17/17 7:53 pm
Thank you for the shroud Phil, I am in your debt

Mike Carter
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