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Posted By: Richard Phillips Dating Certificate - 02/06/09 4:36 pm
Does anyone have the current email or web sight for the BSA Owners Club Dating Certificate.

Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/06/09 5:21 pm

As you may know, Brian Pollitt is no longer doing the dating certificates. The clubs librarian is coordinating it now. I have the address. I sent him a request over a month ago and have not received a response. I will send you an e-mail of the correspondence with Brian.
Posted By: Spitfire44 Re: Dating Certificate - 02/06/09 10:13 pm
Steve Foden is doing the research for the BSAOC...he's a bit backed up since he is not really the dating cert give him a chance....I just got my new cert a few days ago....
all good here!

Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 12:29 am
Eric, How long did it take for Steve to get it done?
Posted By: Spitfire44 Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 12:48 am
I think I sent the request around mid December maybe a bit earlier.
Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 3:53 am
So it took 2 months? That's terrible.
Posted By: BSA_WM20 Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 7:41 am
From memory Steve is a normal every day human being, with a family and a full time job.
The records are not a 4 nanosec look up computer record but literally dozens of books, in poor condition with corrections, mistakes omissions and after additions so it dose take a little time to do each search.
While the BSAOA dose charge a small fee at commercial rates it would not pay for the time taken to pull out all of the volumes let alone find your bike from a bunch of engine & frame number when the records are arranged in despatch date & contract numbers.
It is something that is done ( along with his other club duties) as a labour of love.
Further more you can thank your lucky stars that the BSAOA managed to rescue these files from the pulping mill or they would not be available to you at all.

There are some groups that have this type of information that will not make it available to any one at all while others will allow you to search them yourself ( for a much bigger fee.
The RROC provides the same service for RR owners which is now done by a secretarial service so we get a 7 day turn around but it costs £ 75.00 .
I am sure that if you wanted to pay them the extra £ 50.00 they would happily give your request some priority.

I have nothing to do with the BSAOA but am the secretary of the BSAMCC of NSW which is just about a full time job in itself without my regular job and occasionally trying to find time to get some of my bikes on the road or even get one out for a ride.
So sit back pull the tops of a couple of cold ones and BE PATIENT.
Posted By: Spitfire44 Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 10:20 am
like we were's a lot of stuff info to go thru to find what we want.
I wasn't in a fact, I even forgot that I sent out the request and then one day I got the reply in the was like christmas again!
Steve is a nice guy and very informative guy.


Posted By: beezageezauk Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 4:37 pm
Hi Richard,

Check out the new UK BSAOC website at

Steve Foden, who is temporarily doing the Dating Certificates, has to be contacted by snail mail. His address is on the website.

Also the charge for this service is only £5 for members and £10 for non-members.

I didn't realise that he had such a slow turnaround but, as it has been explained, this is not his normal position and he is only filling in until a replacement "Machine Dating Officer" is found.

Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/07/09 5:16 pm
Beeza, Thanks for the info. My request was sent the first week of January, so I have a bit more time to wait. I would gladly pay more for the service.

Trevor, I don't drink.
Posted By: Atlanta Bonnie Re: Dating Certificate - 02/13/09 11:24 pm
For overseas applicants requesting a dating certificate: Does the BSAOC accept international money orders in USD, such as can be purchased at any US Post Office????

My dang bank wanted the equivalent of £19 to issue a money order in pound sterling….which is about double the research fee!!
Posted By: BSA_WM20 Re: Dating Certificate - 02/14/09 12:37 pm
for small amounts I usually send £ cash which you should be able to get from almost any US bank at a knock down rate or if you are near an international airport go hassel some Poms on holidays.
Posted By: kommando Re: Dating Certificate - 02/14/09 2:37 pm
Poms on holiday, a dim and distant memory.
Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/15/09 11:11 am
I used to use a credit card number when dealing with Brian via e-mail. For security I would leave off the last four digits and then give them to him in a different e-mail when he indicated he was ready. I don't how it will work that way now having to deal with Steve via snail mail.
Posted By: beezageezauk Re: Dating Certificate - 02/15/09 11:50 am
Hi Guys, I've just been talking to Steve Foden who tells me that he has a PayPal account which is the easiest method of transferring cash and changing currency at the same time.

He said that if anyone wishes to use this system they can Email him at [email protected] and he will pass on his PayPal account details by return. I'm sure that this would be easier for both parties.

Posted By: Atlanta Bonnie Re: Dating Certificate - 02/15/09 11:50 pm


I’ll drop Steve an email.
Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 02/17/09 11:29 am
Good info Beeza. I sent Steve a note and he has already responded.
Posted By: beezageezauk Re: Dating Certificate - 02/17/09 7:07 pm
No problem. I'm happy to oblige and pleased to help you guys in any way I can. Let's hope that the turnaround can now be much quicker and the service easier on your pockets!!
Posted By: Atlanta Bonnie Re: Dating Certificate - 03/10/09 12:52 am
Received my dating certificate today! Very nicely done indeed.

I asked Steve Foden (BSAOC) about the certificate process, and with his permission, here are some insights of his……

“The despatch books (approx 500) have just been digitised but my priority is to have the 1950's bikes transcribed as they are listed by engines therefore it takes for ever to find a frame as it could be in one of several books and could be in rigid or sprung frame or swinging arm series which did not come down in any logical order. At least the unit A series are listed by frame and the late ones the engine matches the frame number. (mostly). I have been studying these books from when I had them microfilmed for the Science Museum in 1991 and they still throw up mysteries and in some appalling unfathomable handwriting. “

“I do about 40 letters a week on BSA's for the Club, the dating certificates are the easy part the retentions of origianal registrations can take up to 3 hours each and to date i have done 1500 of them. This I do in my own time as i have a full time job. Therefore i prefer to use what time i have left restoring and riding my BSA's …………”

Tried to get Steve to come on-line to discuss “Y” bikes (as I have one), but internet sites aren’t his thing. I did get insights from Steve though, and I’ll be posting that topic soon…as it always stirs some good debates.

Posted By: Gary E Re: Dating Certificate - 03/10/09 4:18 pm
I also received the dating certificate yesterday. Apart from the typos on it, it is nicely prepared.

It is interesting to note that this certificate indicates a despatch to an actual named person in an east coast state, not to the east or west coast distributors as the others have indicated. I would be interested to know more about that.

Steve also provide me with some interesting info regarding the A50 Wasp which I will be posting later on the Hornet/Wasp thread.
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