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#827822 10/26/2020 4:48 AM
by Kent Shaun
Kent Shaun
As the Govmint and the Plague slowly shuts down the country, and our activities me and a bunch of lads thought we'd help out a pub we all know. Earlier in the year it got flooded out three times, not so unusual as it's on a fork where two rivers meet, and has been flooded a few times in the 500yrs it's been there. But for it to be shut for over 5 months with that AND the Plague, means it's in danger of shutting down forever.... cry

And there's no way Pedro, are we about to let that happen, so why not get over there, drink their Ale and eat their food, so as to help them out and provide some income for the next flood. Or at least to keep them open, and as it's in the Cotswolds there's another reason to go, and so with Friday off I loaded up the Bike with No Name, and met up with the lads....

[Linked Image from]

By the way, for them that wants to know, only thing I've changed on the bike is the foam in the seat, NOW its proper comfortable and not like a brick covered in plastic... wink

Wasn't too long before we were in the wonderful scenery known as the Cotswolds....

[Linked Image from]

Stopping for a light refreshment at a pub with views to die for, and a landlady that would give Basil Fawlty a run for his money, we ALL know there's a Plague on, but there was no need to be bloody nasty about it, just cos we had 7 people, instead of the regulation 6. Even though we turned up in two groups, one of three, t'other a group of four. But what a view...

[Linked Image from]

Got to the camp ground, to throw up the canvas hovel, just as the first of the wet stuff showed up....

[Linked Image from]

So nothing for it then, but to start spending and get me laughing gear wrapped around the best Faggots around....

[Linked Image from]

Bloody marvellous there were too, and a night of drinking and laughing went on until the wee small hours of 22.00, that's the curfew time these days over here now in pubs, seems being chucked out at 22.00 helps with the plague or some such. Not too worry, we had some Grogg with us, so we made a camp fire sat around that and finished the night off good and proper like.... thumbsup

One of me Indian mates was there, with a yarn about how him and he's brother had left for home, and he's brother's Chief seizing up the engine. So he left him to get recovered home, while he made it to the camp in day light. Meanwhile the brother got out ANOTHER Indian, this time a Scout, and rode that to to the camp, he turned up just as the pub chucked us all out...! With tales of getting lost, using his phone's screen to lighten up the road signs down dark country lanes, due to the 6v light being like a candle in a jam jar. And finally bumping into a Guzzi riding chum, who lives in the area pointing him down the correct lane, man what an adventure....

So next morning after the full Monty, and with heavy rain outside, we decided to get to another local pub for a photo shoot, and also to help that pub stay open in these hard times....

[Linked Image from]

Wonderful stuff, and yet another place we've found that has a camp ground out back, they also love motorcycles. And if you drink their Ale and eat their food the camping is FREE. So it would be rude not too....

Finally after another session on the Ale, we rolled into the sleeping bags, after firing up the Primus to boil the kettle, and filling the hot water bottle. A toasty warm night was spent, under canvas hearing the heavy rain fall. Next morning the Sun was out, and so time to leave, sad saying goodbye to the lovely people I met there, but there's always next year, and hopefully in better times...

After a while on the road, we pulled into a beautiful Cotswolds village with a wonderful pub for coffee, YES they also sell coffee in pubs...! Who'd of thunk it...

[Linked Image from]

And amazingly we went around a few villages I'd visited when at the BSA International, but didn't stop for photos, my bad....

A great weekend, and that Enfield is proving to be a fantastic machine, I'm well happy with it.... grin
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#827853 Oct 26th a 02:16 PM
by No Name Man
No Name Man
And here I thought faggots were tied up bundles of firewood.
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#827855 Oct 26th a 04:07 PM
by ricochetrider
Shaun, nice yarn lad, but NOW we've got another English Mystery Food to try out....
First it's "spotted dick" and now it's "faggots". Best get my winkle pickers on and smoke a fag while I sort this out. laughing

Faggots: Wiki

RECIPE: Faggots
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#827934 Oct 27th a 02:03 PM
by Tridentman
Tom--you just gotta get the terminology correct----it is MUSHY peas.
Otherwise they dont taste right!
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